Sacramento class action attorneys Brooks Cutter and John R. Parker Jr. have been recognized by the courts for their in-depth knowledge and experience in prosecuting class actions throughout California and around the country.

Understanding Class Action Lawsuits

When one or more people (plaintiffs) sue on behalf of a larger group of individuals who have suffered the same loss or injury, it is referred to as a class action lawsuit. Class actions typically involve a defective product, an illegal company policy or failure of service/contract. Our attorneys have successfully handled a variety of class action matters.

As a collective group, individual class members often see larger recovery sums and lower litigation costs. A class action is particularly useful when a loss involves a small amount of money, which could prove cost-prohibitive to prosecute as an individual case.

An excellent example of this is when an individual’s loss is the cost of purchase of a recalled or defective product. For example, if the cost of the product or service ended up being less than $100, the expense of an individual lawsuit to recover the funds would exceed the cost of the actual product. When combined with others who also purchased the product and have suffered the same loss, corporations and manufacturers can be held accountable to the class as a whole, allowing each class member to recover his or her loss and saving on the cost of many individual lawsuits.

Typically, class action lawsuits are best when used for minor physical injuries or a defective product. More often than not, more serious injuries should be evaluated individually and treated as a separate case. Our attorneys are always available for a free no-obligation consultation to help you determine which type of action is best for your individual circumstances.

Experience Matters

Brooks has been named lead or co-lead counsel or appointed to the plaintiffs steering committee for numerous cases. He is currently co-lead counsel in class actions against State Farm Insurance Co. and Skechers USA.

Cutter Law P.C. has successfully represented individuals and consumers in matters involving:

Our current class actions include:

  • Air Cargo class action
  • Allstate class action
  • BP Oil Spill
  • Carrier IQ Inc.
  • CSAA class action
  • Facebook class action
  • Health Net & IBM privacy breach class action
  • IPhone 4 class action
  • Law school class action(s)
  • Millennium Pharmaceuticals/Schering class action
  • Nationwide Seating & Mobility, Inc. class action
  • State Controller class action
  • State Farm Insurance Co. class action
  • Sutter Medical breach of information class action(s)

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