I won my case

I received outstanding service from Cutter Law and as a result I won my case. From start to finish Todd Walburg and Celine Cutter took great care in guiding me through the process. They were respectful at all times to all parties involved in the case and created positive relationships in the courtroom. They are sharp, exceedingly well-informed on Personal Injury case law, and are nationally known for their skills in the courtroom. Other local lawyers told me I hired the best firm for my case, and I agree!

Thank you for representing me so well!

Dear Brooks,

I simply would like you to know how honored I was to be represented by Cutter Law. Todd and Celine stood out in the courtroom as prepared, intelligent, quick-witted, and always respectful, kind, and friendly to all involved in the case. I heard jurors express their appreciation to Todd and Celine for how considerate they were to the jury; one juror even asked for a business card.

Personally, both Todd and Celine gave me the best possible care and representation. I thank you for helping to prepare me for trial.

Todd devoted his time to understand my life completely—he made my normally anxious son feel comfortable enough to testify and become a star witness! Todd believed in me and believed in my case when I needed it most.

I believe my TBI case to be a high challenge—my injury is mostly invisible and I don’t slow down for much. Please know that Todd and Celine slayed it in the courtroom and brought home a bigger victory than anyone was expecting (especially the defense).

Thank you for representing me so well! 

Best Lawyer I’ve Had Yet.

John is awesome! He and his team are very personable, understanding, and professional. Every question I had was answered patiently and quickly.

I was involved in an accident where I was injured and sent to many months of therapy. Even though we had to wait a couple months til the therapy over, I was never abandoned or felt abandoned because he was checking in every step of the way to make sure things were going ok- either with a quick phone call or email.

Also, John kept me informed in every step of the decision making. I knew what was happening at every point. Even if there were things I didn’t understand he would patiently and politely explain them to me. If I didn’t know how to proceed, he would give me a couple options and explain those as well.

I also have to note that John has a team of great individuals that took care of the paperwork and other tasks efficiently.

I am eternally grateful for John Roussas. He did a wonderful job on my case. He saved me a lot of stress in the way that he handle my case. I really can’t thank him enough.

Highly Recommended

I was injured in an auto accident, and I was in terrible need for an attorney. I was very pleased with how professional and caring John and his team were with my case.

I never had any problems with communicating with John, and he was always able to answers questions or concerns I had in a reasonable time. I always felt that John did all that he could for me through the litigation of my case; I would have never reached the outcome that I did without his expertise.

I highly recommend his skills and work to anyone who needs an attorney.

Motor vehicle accident lawsuit

I hired John Roussas at Cutter Law to resolve a case involving a motor vehicle accident, in which my wife were rear-ended. The counter party’s insurance company offered a settlement under $1000 even though medical bills totaled several thousand dollars.

John and his team did an exceptional job resolv ing the case, that ultimately resulted in a settlement significantly higher than the initial offer; they acted professionally and efficiently, were accessible, and easy to communicate with. I highly recommend John and his team and would hire them again if the need arose.

Pile up litigation

John took all the necessary steps to maximize the claim to our mutual advantage. The case was not as straightforward as we had hoped but we still prevailed.


Very diligent in doing what is best for his client. Took time even when extremely late to chat with us when needed. Explained things above and beyond. Wouldn’t have been able to get what was deserving to us without John.

Fast and effective

John helped me all the way from beginning to end answered many questions and emails when I sent them. The whole process was painless.

Personal Injury

I had a personal injury case that John Roussas handled for me with extreme professionalism, finesse, and swiftness. He is a result, oriented man! I don’t think I could have had anyone handle my case and have it come it the way it did without John.
He has your back.

Highly Recommend!

I was injured in an accident and was in need of a lawyer. John and his staff were amazing! They made themselves available to me at any time for questions and responded to my emails quickly.

Excellent lawyer!

Mr. Roussas provides quality and thorough representation to his clients. He is detailed oriented, thoughtful and aptly thinks and plans ahead of his competition, achieving very good results. Mr. Roussas has a superior ability to “think outside the box”. He would serve any client very well.

Subject: Letter of Recommendation

Marilyn and I just want to commend the Cutter Law team for doing an excellent job representing us in our dispute with a major international company.

John Parker, Esq. took our case involving a rather complicated electronic product design flaw and researched our legal options. He then drafted a strongly worded lawsuit document that convinced the other party that they should try to negotiate instead of going to court. A desirable settlement was reached that was exactly what Cutter Law said they would do for us.

Throughout the entire process the Cutter Law team was professional and always available to update us on the progress of our case.

Marilyn and I highly recommend Cutter Law for anyone in need of legal representation involving a product, especially if it relates to bringing a class action lawsuit.

We cannot thank the Cutter Law team enough for resolving our case.


Clay & Marilyn M.


I had a very serious industrial injury and I was referred by a family friend to Brooks Cutter. He fought hard for my case and refused to back down to the large corporations we were up against. Brooks and his team were very responsive, and I appreciate how well things were explained to me when they didn’t make sense. As a result of this case, I have the resources I need to move forward with my life. I would certainly recommend Brooks Cutter and his team to my family and friends… Actually, I think I already have.


J.R. Parker and the attorneys at the firm founded by Brooks Cutter helped our family through the very difficult loss of our newborn daughter, who died as a result of a medical misdiagnosis. We found the idea of filing suit against such a predominant medical foundation to be extremely intimidating and overwhelming, but J.R. and his team gave us the strength and confidence we needed to obtain justice for our daughter. Their hard work and dedication helped to even further acknowledge our daughter’s life, no matter how short it may have been.


I can’t thank Brooks Cutter enough for the services that his company provided me. When I needed help the most, he took the time to really listen. I thank him from the bottom of my heart for giving me that peace of mind when I needed it the most. When I was in need the most, I found a friend … a company I could truly trust! I am forever thankful. With the professionalism of his staff and himself, my experience with them has been truly a blessing!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Brooks was amazing — I tell everyone “he saved me.” I had a horrible situation with a doctor’s error, but when I went to see other lawyers about it, they treated me like I was some kind of case study. Brooks spoke to me like a human — he would tell me, “As your friend, I say this, as your lawyer, I say this,” and it really helped me get through the situation. I really trusted him, and he came through with amazing results. He set the bar very high, so if I ever had another personal injury issue, I wouldn’t settle for anything less!


Everything about the way Brooks communicated with me was reassuring, professional and comfortable, like talking to a friend. My future was at risk, but his experience and knowledge put me at ease — there was never a question that he couldn’t answer immediately for me.


Brooks is a most compassionate professional. His knowledge and wisdom guided my husband and me through a very depressing and stressful time in our lives. Without him, I don’t know what would have happened to us. When I wanted to “give up,” he was our rock.


I would like to express my gratitude for the way you and your firm handled my lawsuit. At all times, I felt my interest was held in a very professional way. I was very satisfied with the settlement that was awarded to me. If the need ever arises, I would most assuredly recommend your firm to anyone.


Since I had never had a serious car accident, I was really intimidated at first on what the process was. So, I was asked what would be fair for my injuries — I felt comfortable with the lawyers; that they were looking out for my best interest.

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