Give Clients the Ultimate Care They Deserve


The Cutter law firm’s primary focus is giving their clients the ultimate care they deserve with their very best interests at heart. The focus group conducted earlier by them was friendly, professional and with the utmost courtesy.


This is representation one hopes to achieve from their attorney and Cutter Law exceeds that hope.

-Peggy B.

Awesome Family-Owned Operation


Cutter law is an awesome professional family owned operation that strives for excellence for their clients. If you’re looking for someone that knows the law and will continuously advocate for you on your behalf I would highly recommend you contact them.

-Andrea M.

Exceptional Team of Attorneys


Exceptional team of attorneys. One of the only law firms in the area who are actively seeking cases to help women who have been affected by mesh product complications. I got all the information I needed from just one phone call and a simple follow up email. If you do the research you’ll see they have built a deep and trustworthy reputation here in California. If you seek legal advice, I suggest you give them a call.

-Betty K.

I’m So Glad I Chose Cutter Law


I’m so glad I chose Cutter law to take my case. They are ethical, hardworking, capable, and very willing to represent individual clients who are opposing companies.

-April T.

Thank You, Margot


There’s this thing about lawyers … they often forget the first word in their title, Counselor at Law. Well, Margot Cutter practices the full spectrum of her profession. Though she has not represented me in litigation, I have benefited from her kind support and sound counsel regarding a traumatic injury I sustained due the negligence of others and the subsequent unbearable pursuit for justice. Cutter Law is the one to call for sound legal advice and the firm to rely upon for solid support. Thank you, Margot

-Michael D.

Professional Yet Friendly in Every Way


Amazing experience. Professional yet friendly in every way. Thank you so much Cutter Law!

-Ashlee K.

Professional, Responsive, and Passionate


My experience with Cutter Law has been extremely positive. The staff are professional, responsive, and passionate about their clients. Highly recommend this law firm.

-Bryan H.

Felt Like They Welcomed Me Into Their Family


I had the opportunity to work with the group at Cutter Law, and for those of you who do not know this Law Firm is run by family. In working with them I felt like they welcomed me into their family they were so very helpful and attentive and being very professional at the same time if I were to need any legal services in the future this will definitely be my first stop thank you guys


Very Positive Experience


My interaction with Cutter Law – Celine Cutter specifically, was very positive. She explained very clearly the process, timing and expectations for my case from the beginning. Their website is neatly designed, easy to navigate, and includes some very helpful information for anyone in need of legal representation.

-Yolanda C.

Brooks and His Team are Awesome


Brooks and his team are awesome.  I can’t say enough about how professional they are.  I would recommend them to anyone who needs help.

-Tony B.

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