Mass Torts

How Do Mass Tort Actions Work?

Most of us are familiar with the concept of class actions suits — claims filed for a group of people who have suffered similar wrongs, usually because of a product that failed or otherwise caused them harm. It’s a kind of wholesale lawsuit. Many of our drug and medical device suits at Cutter Law P.C. are class action suits.

What Are Mass Torts?

Class action suits are actually a one-size-fits-all subset of mass torts. Mass torts are a looser concept in which one size does not have to fit every plaintiff.

A mass tort is a set of separate lawsuits, alleging injuries that are not the same and asking for damages proportionate to each plaintiff’s situation. Many times, mass torts from one firm are linked to similar suits at other law firms across the country.

For these reasons, mass torts are usually a lot more complicated than a simple class action. While many lawyers are capable of pursuing a class action suit, a much smaller number are qualified to deal with the complexities of a mass tort.

Cutter Law, Serving Sacramento and Oakland

At Cutter Law P.C., many of the defective and dangerous products our attorney’s monitor can lead to class action suits, to mass torts or to individual suits:

How do you know which approach is best for your case? You talk to us. Generally, the type of case depends on the amount of necessary information and the amount of money that is at stake.

Class action suits tend to lead to relatively smaller settlements. Mass tort settlements are often for larger amounts. Individual cases often arise from dramatic circumstances where the information is best presented on an individual basis; they are often the kind of cases that lead to large settlements or jury awards.

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We invite you to call our offices and discuss your case with one of our mass tort lawyers.

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Mass Torts



Brooks was amazing — I tell everyone “he saved me.” I had a horrible situation with a doctor’s error, but when I went to see other lawyers about it, they treated me like I was some kind of case study. Brooks spoke to me like a human — he would tell me, “As your friend, I say this, as your lawyer, I say this,” and it really helped me get through the situation. I really trusted him, and he came through with amazing results. He set the bar very high, so if I ever had another personal injury issue, I wouldn’t settle for anything less!

Mary O.

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