Ford Fire Lawsuit

A lawsuit has been filed against Ford Motor Company alleging the company put profits ahead of safety by negligently allowing its vehicles to be manufactured with electrical components that can become too hot, potentially starting a fire within the vehicle.

These Ford fires have the potential to be serious, causing burns and other injuries to vehicle occupants.

Ford Fire Issues

At issue are 2009, 2010, and 2011 Ford Crown Victoria, Lincoln Town Car, and Mercury Grand Marquis automobiles. These vehicles allegedly contain an electrical wiring problem that can result in electrical components in the vanity mirror becoming so hot they burn and melt parts of the vehicle.

These Ford electrical problems are incredibly dangerous and can put the lives of vehicle occupants at risk if a fire should start while the vehicle is in motion. Occupants can also suffer burns and other injuries as a result of the electrical wiring defect.

Consumers rely on automotive companies like Ford to provide accurate information as to a vehicle’s safety. By representing its vehicles as safe and reliable, and by not conducting a proper investigation and/or recall of its vehicles, Ford misrepresented the safety of its Crown Victoria, Lincoln Town Car, and Mercury Grand Marquis automobiles and put car owners at risk of a Ford burning incident.

Vanity Mirror Fires

The Ford Crown Victoria, Lincoln Town Car, and Mercury Grand Marquis are not the only vehicles to suffer vanity mirror fires. In 2014, Chrysler recalled around 895,000 Jeep Grand Cherokee and Dodge Durango vehicles due to vanity mirror fires. In the case of those fires, the issue was reportedly caused by a screw that could cut through a vanity light wire, causing it to short circuit and starting a fire.

Although most fires were minor, in some cases the fire spread to the front of the vehicle and in at least one case, sunroof glass shattered.

Despite the vanity mirrors in the Chrysler vehicles being made by the same company as those in the Ford vehicles, no Ford recalls regarding the vanity mirror have been announced.

Ford Lawsuit

A lawsuit has been filed against Ford, alleging the company purposely concealed the electrical wiring defect in its vehicles to maximize profits. During the time of the alleged concealment, more than 200,000 vehicles carrying the defect were reportedly sold in the U.S. According to the lawsuit, plaintiffs would not have purchased the vehicles in question if they had known about their unreasonably dangerous defect.

One plaintiff alleges she was driving a Mercury Grand Marquis when the electrical wiring became too hot, causing part of the material around the burned section to melt. This melted material fell onto the plaintiff’s leg, resulting in second and third-degree burns.

Ford Motor Company knew or should have known about the defective electrical wiring issues and that those issues made some of its vehicles unreasonably dangerous.

Because its supplier was that same as that involved in the Chrysler recall, a Ford Motor Company recall should have been announced at the same time or shortly after the Chrysler recall was announced. Failing to do so put consumers at risk of a serious injury.

Among the damages, plaintiffs allege they have suffered as a result of Ford’s actions are physical injuries, out-of-pocket costs, losses due to damage to their vehicle, loss of value of their vehicle, and inconvenience.

Recent Ford Motor Company Recalls

Although no Ford recall has been announced linked to this issue, the carmaker has issued recalls recently. In 2014, around 28,000 2012-2013 Edge crossover utility vehicles were recalled due to possible fuel leaks that could cause a fire. Also in 2014, the company recalled around 4,500 full size 2011 vans due to bubbles in the windshield that could cause visibility problems.

In 2017 the company announced it was recalling almost 117,000 vehicles-including the 2014-2015 Ford Escape and the 2014 F-series pickup, due to issues with that could cause the seat, seat belt or seat belt buckle to fracture.

Meanwhile, also in 2017, Ford announced it was issuing separate recalls of more than 441,000 vehicles-including the Escape and Fusion sedan-due to issues that could cause engine fires and a problem that could result in doors swinging open while the vehicle was in motion. The engine fire issue was reportedly linked to 29 reports of fires.

Ford Attorney

If you live in Alameda County or San Francisco County and own a 2009, 2010, or 2011 Ford Crown Victoria, Lincoln Town Car, or Mercury Grand Marquis vehicle, you may be eligible to file a lawsuit against Ford. Call Cutter Law as soon as possible to speak with an attorney about your legal options.

Due to the statute of limitations, it is important you seek legal help as soon as possible, to ensure you are compensated for any losses you suffered as a result of a defective Ford vehicle.

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