Shazam Invasion Of Privacy

Cutter Law is currently investigating a possible lawsuit against the makers of the Shazam app, alleging the app violate consumer privacy by constantly monitoring users’ microphones without the user knowing and without providing an adequate warning.

As highlighted in a recent article in The New York Times, smartphone microphones can be used to monitor user behavior, creating data that can be sold to third-parties who want to target advertising to specific users.

Shazam Accused of Breaching User Privacy

At issue are apps that could be accessing the microphone on a smartphone without the user being aware of it, such as when the apps aren’t in use. Apps that don’t regularly require a microphone may also be accessing the microphone to record information and may be doing so on an ongoing basis.

A software developer called Alphonso reportedly collects data for advertisers using the smartphone’s microphone. Audio signals in television ads and shows create information that is then sold to advertisers.

According to the New York Times, this information is used to customize ads and analyze consumer behavior. As a result, based on the advertisements a consumer sees or television show he or she watches, that same consumer could see related ads on websites, or social media feeds.

Among the allegations made are that Shazam, which was recently bought by Apple, has an agreement with Alphonso in which Alphonso provides information about the data collected to Shazam and Shazam identifies users, categorizes the information, and sells that information to Alphonso.

Users Say They Were Not Warned by Shazam About Invasion of Privacy

Specifically, users allege they had no idea Shazam might be accessing information obtained through their microphone or providing that information to Alphonso, possibly constituting a breach of privacy.

Shazam Class Action Lawsuit

Cutter Law is actively seeking plaintiffs to join a potential Shazam class action lawsuit.

Shazam Lawsuit

If you or a loved one has downloaded the Shazam app on your smartphone, you may be eligible to file a Shazam lawsuit for failure to warn you of the potential breach of privacy and use of your information.Attorneys at Cutter Law are investigating a possible class action lawsuit against the maker of the app, on behalf of smartphone users who downloaded it without knowing their microphone could be accessed and data collected could be sold.

Breach of Privacy Attorney

Cutter Law has obtained hundreds of millions of dollars for clients who have had their rights violated by large companies.

Our attorneys work hard to ensure our clients receive the compensation they’re entitled to, and to make sure their rights are protected.

If you have downloaded the Shazam or Sling app onto your smartphone and are concerned about a potential invasion of privacy, contact an attorney at Cutter Law to discuss your options.

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