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ANNOUNCEMENT: Attorney Brooks Cutter has been appointed co-lead counsel in a class action against State Farm Insurance Co. for allegedly undervaluing claims for items lost or damaged (water, fire, etc.) or stolen, failing to consider the known condition of the item(s) at the time of the loss.

Cutter Law P.C. News: J.R. Parker contributes an article on total loss packages for the United Policyholders ‘Tip of the Month’

We Can Help Resolve Your Insurance Dispute

At Cutter Law P.C., our attorneys have recovered millions of dollars on behalf of clients who have had their valid insurance claims denied, delayed or otherwise unpaid in bad faith.

Americans spend countless millions annually paying premiums for homeowners or business insurance policies to protect themselves and others in cases of personal injury or disability and for the protection of personal property against loss or liability.

All insurance companies have a legal obligation to uphold their terms of a contract, pay valid claims in a timely manner and provide coverage.

Unfortunately, all too often, customers face unjust delays, disputes or even denials of their claims or are compensated for much less than what is fair and reasonable. Often the amount is not even within the limits of the insurance companies’ policies.

When that happens, our experienced insurance bad faith attorneys will fight for your right to force an insurance company to either pay the appropriate amount due or face a bad faith claim, which could cost the insurance company more — much more — than the original claim filed.

Signs Of Insurance Bad Faith

  • Unreasonably denying policy benefits
  • Failing to provide prompt justification for the denial of a claim
  • Not having sensible standards for timely investigation and processing claims
  • Advising the claimant to not hire an attorney
  • Misrepresenting policy provisions or facts
  • Misleading the claimant regarding a legal deadline for filing a claim or lawsuit
  • Failing to promptly act or respond with respect to a claim

These are just a few of many examples that may be acceptable grounds to file a bad faith claim.

Experienced Insurance Bad Faith Attorneys

Our record of prosecuting cases of insurance bad faith speaks for itself, including numerous cases in which Brooks Cutter has been appointed lead or co-lead counsel in class actions against an insurance company.

Brooks Cutter was appointed co-lead counsel in a class action representing policyholders against CSAA for failing to waive deductibles when appropriate according to its policy.

The estimated potential $83 million victory obtained for policyholders included a completely deductible refund, including interest, to all affected class members.

Bad Faith Insurance Lawsuit Costs Aetna $25.5 Million

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