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California Employment Law Attorneys

The attorneys at Cutter Law have years of experience in employment and civil law cases. If you have been treated wrongfully or believe your workplace may be engaging in improper behavior, you may have a case. An attorney can help you determine your next steps and ensure that your rights are protected along the way.

Employment Lawsuits

Under California and U.S. federal law, employees are protected against discrimination, harassment, wage and hour violations, and other unfair treatment. Unfortunately, many employees are not aware of these legal rights. Many workers endure unfair and illegal treatment by their employers, not knowing that what they experience is against the law, and they may be eligible to file a lawsuit.

At Cutter Law P.C., we stand up for employees. We’ve seen firsthand the damage unethical employers can cause for their employees and we’re committed to ensuring workers are treated fairly. We have decades of experience investigating and litigating cases of wrongful termination, unpaid wages, workplace accidents, and fraud.

We also help employees uncover wrongdoing on the part of their employer against customers and against the government.

If you suspect your employer’s behavior is illegal and you wish to speak to an employment law attorney, please contact us today. Your case evaluation is free and we will protect your confidentiality. We’re here to help you.

Employment-Related Legal Issues

If you or a loved one has been treated unfairly by an employer, we can help you fight back and hold them accountable for their illegal behavior.

Wrongful termination: Being fired because of a pregnancy, your race, age, sexual orientation or gender is illegal. At Cutter Law, we’re dedicated to standing up for anyone who has been wrongfully fired from their job. If your employer illegally fired you, contact us to learn about your options. We’ll also make sure you meet the California wrongful termination statute of limitations.

Wage and hour violations: Employers have a responsibility to adequately compensate employees for their work. Sometimes, employers shirk their responsibilities and their employees suffer as a result. This can include failure to pay overtime, not giving appropriate breaks, not giving appropriate meal times, not giving vacation or sick leave, not paying minimum wage, and a variety of other issues.

Employees might wrongfully believe that because of their job title they are not owed overtime or minimum wage. This isn’t necessarily true. If you believe your employer is not paying you properly, forcing you to work too many hours, or not providing benefits you’re legally entitled to, contact us today to discuss your rights.

Employer-Related Fraud

Due to their role in a company, employees may have inside information about fraud on the part of their employer. We can investigate the claims and help employees fight back against their employer.

Whistleblower protection: Do you think your workplace or employer could be ripping off the local, state or federal government? A whistleblower can choose to anonymously hold his or her employer accountable for its actions. You can “blow the whistle” on corporate greed or wrongdoing by filing a whistleblower (qui tam) lawsuit. Whistleblower claims are highly complex. The attorneys at Cutter Law are skilled in whistleblower litigation.

Consumer deception: Do you think your employer is ripping off its customers? Consumer deception happens when a company engages in deceitful or fraudulent practices. This means that a company could bill customers more than agreed to, violate a contract with customers, fail to provide a service or misrepresent itself to customers.

Help Cutter Law stand up for consumers nationwide by reporting these practices.

Employment Attorneys

Employees play a vital role in holding employers accountable for unethical practices. The decision to speak out against an employer is not an easy one, and there are understandably many factors to take into account. It is important to remember that the law protects employees and whistleblowers from retaliation when they file a claim against their employer.

We’re proud to have stood up for employees who are victims of or have knowledge about employer wrongdoing. We take our role as their advocate very seriously and are dedicated to ensuring justice for our clients and the people harmed by their employers. Our employment lawyers are available for a strictly confidential consultation to advise you of your options.

If you believe you or a loved one may have an employment or civil law case, contact the attorneys at Cutter Law for a free case evaluation. Call 916-461-8716.

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