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As a worker in Sacramento, California, you have certain rights that must be respected. If your employer violates those rights, you can invoke legal protections under state and federal law to hold them accountable. An experienced Sacramento employment lawyer can help you achieve the best possible outcome in your case.

If you’ve experienced discrimination, harassment, been deprived of wages or time off, or mistreatment in your workplace, you still have rights. The experienced Sacramento employment lawyers at Cutter Law P.C. can help you assert them. 

Your employer will have considerable resources to fight your employment claim. They won’t just admit that they’ve done something wrong. So, you’ll want an experienced, respected attorney standing beside you to make things right. Collectively, our award-winning litigators have over 130 years of experience. We’ve won over $400 Million in monetary awards on behalf of clients just like you.

We stand up for aggrieved workers in Sacramento. We’re here to help you stand up to your employer and take accountability for the trauma they’ve inflicted, the money they’ve cost you, and the harm they’ve done. Contact our Sacramento, CA, law office to arrange a time for a free case evaluation today.

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    Employment Law Attorneys Fighting to Protect Your Rights in the Workplace

    In Sacramento, employee rights are protected by federal law and California employment law.

    Under these laws:

    • You have the right to be free from harassment and discrimination in the workplace
    • You have the right to be a whistleblower and disclose your employer’s unlawful, fraudulent, or unsafe practices
    • You have the right to earn a minimum wage and receive your full paycheck in time
    • You have the benefits guaranteed in your contract, including paid time off, retirement benefits, perks, and commission
    • You may have the right to receive overtime pay
    • You have the right to regular meal and rest breaks if you are a qualifying non-exempt worker
    • You have the right to time off if you are sick, get pregnant, or need to take care of a family member 

    Your employer cannot infringe these rights and can be held accountable if they do.

    If you have experienced any of these things at work, or believe that your employer has violated your rights, reach out to our award-winning Sacramento employment attorneys for assistance. We can review your situation, explain your legal options, and help you file a claim so that you can hold your employer accountable.

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    We Handle All Types of Employment Disputes in Sacramento

    At Cutter Law, our employment attorneys in Sacramento provide support and advocacy to workers in cases involving everything from discrimination to wage disputes.


    In California, it’s illegal to discriminate against a job applicant or employee because of a protected characteristic.

    Under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA), protected characteristics include:

    • Race
    • National origin
    • Age
    • Religion
    • Disability
    • Sex
    • Gender
    • Pregnancy
    • Medical condition
    • Marital status
    • Military status

    Sacramento companies are subject to penalties for employment discrimination, whether the unjust treatment is based on an employee’s sexual orientation, disability status, or other characteristics. 

    What does employment discrimination look like?

    It could involve:

    • Refusing to interview you for a job
    • Deciding not to hire you
    • Passing you over for a promotion you earned
    • Refusing to give you a pay raise
    • Isolating you and excluding you from workplace activities
    • Subjecting you to unfavorable working conditions
    • Failing to provide reasonable accommodations
    • Wrongful termination

    Your employer is also prohibited from retaliating against you for asserting your rights or filing a claim against them. If you’ve been treated unfairly or differently because of a protected characteristic, you need a law firm that has experience with employment law. Our employment lawyers can help you pursue justice.


    State and federal law also prohibit harassment on the basis of a protected characteristic. There are two types of harassment: quid pro quo and hostile work environment.

    Quid pro quo harassment is most often seen in the context of sexual harassment. An employer hinges work-related benefits or opportunities on sexual favors or advances.

    Hostile work environment harassment involves unwelcome conduct that creates a work atmosphere that causes harm or prevents you from doing your job.

    Our employment attorneys in Sacramento can help you fight back to put a stop to harassment and recover compensation for your suffering.


    It’s illegal for your employer to treat you unfairly, fire you, refuse to pay you, or subject you to other unfavorable work conditions because you assert your rights or become a whistleblower. Retaliation can have serious consequences, and our employment law attorneys will work to put a stop to unlawful behavior.

    Wrongful Termination

    While most employment contracts in California are “at will,” there are certain reasons your employer can’t fire you or let you go. If you are terminated in retaliation for asserting your rights or because of a protected characteristic, you can fight to get your job back, secure back pay, and recover compensation for the damage that’s been done.

    Worker Misclassification

    When you work for someone, you can be classified as an employee or a contractor. Employees have many more protections under the law than contractors — and they also tend to cost more. Some employers try to cut corners and save money by misclassifying workers.

    If you’re misclassified as an independent contractor when you’re actually an employee, it can have serious tax consequences and deprive you of rights you have under the law. Our attorneys can help you advocate to be reclassified and recover benefits and compensation that you’ve been unlawfully denied.

    Wage and Hour Disputes

    California’s labor laws are some of the strongest in the nation, providing workers with the right to a minimum wage, rest and time off, and overtime. If an employer withholds pay, intentionally miscalculates hours worked, makes unlawful wage deductions, pools tips improperly, or otherwise interferes with a worker’s paycheck, they may be in violation of California’s wage and hour laws. Our employment attorneys will help you file a claim, seek back pay and front pay, secure lost benefits, and advocate to get you compensation for the trauma you’ve endured.

    Meal and Rest Break Violations

    Non-exempt employees are entitled to regular breaks for meals and rest at work. An employer can’t refuse to give you a break or demand that you continue to work while you’re eating lunch.

    When California’s meal and rest break requirements are violated, aggrieved workers can file a claim to recover compensation for the breaks they were denied. Our attorneys can help you prove the violation and push forward to get every cent you deserve.

    Workplace Injuries

    The workplace can be particularly dangerous, especially in high-risk jobs like construction, manufacturing, and farming. Even if you sit behind a desk, your employer is required to ensure that you have a safe place to work and protect you from any type of personal injury.

    If you get hurt on the job in Sacramento, you can file a claim to recover workers’ compensation benefits. If there’s evidence that your employer violated OSHA regulations or California state safety laws, they might also be personally responsible for your trauma. Our Sacramento employment lawyers can help you file a claim for benefits to cover your lost wages and medical bills.

    If you suspect that your rights have been violated by your employer, your boss, or a supervisor, don’t hesitate to contact Cutter Law P.C. We have experience handling all types of employment disputes and personal injury cases and are ready to invest the time and resources that may be required to make things right.

    How Cutter Law Can Help You with Your Sacramento Employment Law Case

    At Cutter Law P.C., we understand that adverse treatment in the workplace can touch every corner of your life. It can cause incredible pain, deprive you of the money you need to support your family, put your career to a halt, and leave you wondering what you can do to make things right.

    You don’t have to deal with this incredibly difficult situation by yourself.

    Our Sacramento employment attorneys have the experience, resources, and reputation you’ll need to get the win you deserve. 

    When you call us for legal advice regarding your Sacramento employment dispute, we can:

    • File a formal complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or other government employment agencies
    • Subpoena and depose witnesses with information relevant to your employment dispute, including co-workers, supervisors, and former employees
    • Subpoena internal company documents, memos, emails, and other correspondence that can be used as evidence of the violation(s) of your rights
    • File a civil employment lawsuit against your employer if the issue is not resolved 
    • Negotiate with your employer and their attorney to secure a meaningful result in your employment dispute

    If your employer refuses to acknowledge their wrongdoing and compensate you properly, our award-winning California trial attorneys will be fully prepared to argue your case in state or federal court.

    $23.5 Million

    Settlement won for government fraud in a whistleblower case against one of the world’s largest medical device manufacturers

    $240 Million​

    Settlement in a nationwide defective medical device case involving defective pacemakers and cardiac defibrillators against Boston Scientific and Guidant

    Arrange a free consultation with our respected Sacramento employment lawyers today

    The clock is ticking if your employer has violated your rights in the workplace. Depending on the reason for your claim, you’ll usually have three or four years to take action. Once the statute of limitations expires, you lose the right to make your employer accept responsibility for the harm they’ve caused.

    Our employment attorneys in Sacramento know just how devastating it can be to be harassed, belittled, excluded, deprived of compensation and benefits, or terminated because of who you are or how you identify.

    We are ready to go toe-to-toe with your employer so that they’ll take responsibility for their actions. Call our Sacramento, California, law office today to get started with your free consultation to learn more.


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