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Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are a type of injury that may be caused by any type of accident, including a serious car accident, a slip and fall, or a physical assault. A TBI often occurs when an accident victim strikes his or her head against a stationary object in the car, such as the headrest or steering wheel.

The result of an impact can range from a mild brain injury to a concussion or other severe brain injury. Regardless of the severity of your head injury, you and your family deserve financial compensation for the medical costs and emotional distress resulting from your injury. Get in touch with the Sacramento personal injury attorneys at Cutter Law to discuss the specific circumstances of your personal injury and get information on your legal rights.

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    How common are brain injuries after accidents in Sacramento?

    Brain injuries are common in Sacramento, California. According to the California Department of Public Health’s EpiCenter, in 2015, 934 cases required immediate medical attention. Of those cases, 88 of the injured people suffered a serious head injury due to assault, and a whopping 497 of those individuals suffered traumatic brain injuries due to a slip or fall.

    This recent study revealed that three dozen of these cases of brain damage occurred to bicyclists. Also, over 126 of the traumatic brain injuries this year were caused by vehicle accidents. Other situations that lead to traumatic brain injuries include participation in youth sports or contact sports, truck accidents, acts by an aggressive party, or an instance of a person’s negligence.

    Cutter Law is familiar and experienced in practice areas involving all the common causes of traumatic brain injuries in Sacramento. Our traumatic brain injury lawyers will advocate tirelessly for your rights and give you the legal guidance necessary for your case.

    Brain Injury Settlements in Sacramento

    In one successful brain injury settlement, Cutter Law secured over $1.3 million in damages for a cyclist following a closed head injury just outside of Sacramento County. After we proved that the other party’s negligent actions of failing to maintain public property grounds created the pothole our client biked through, our client was able to receive justice and proper compensation for her losses. She received payment for her medical treatment as well as her pain and suffering in her TBI case.

    A highly publicized traumatic brain injury case caught the public’s attention in 2019. A police officer responding to the reported fight struck a car occupied by a family of five. The negligence lawsuit alleged that the officer did not alarm his police sirens or lights and therefore should not have expected the family to know to give him the right of way. The family was making a lawful turn at the right place, and the officer was speeding. The daughter suffered serious injuries, resulting in permanent changes to brain function. The brain damage is so severe that she will require medical care for the remainder of her life. The city and county of Sacramento settled this brain injury case for $27 million.

    While no settlement has been reached due to the injury victim’s struggle to track down his perpetrator, this Sacramento brain injury accident highlights the dangers of Sacramento. A car violently struck a twenty-one-year-old man in front of an audience of 700 people who were watching an illegal car sideshow. Horrifying video shows a car drifting in circles before sideswiping the man. The man was so severely injured by the external force of the car that he required brain surgery. Once the perpetrator is caught, a negligence lawsuit will follow because the injury was a hit and run.

    If you suspect you have a case following your injury, it is a good idea to seek legal advice from a traumatic brain injury attorney. Absent legal representation, injury victims often settle their claims for far less money than the real value of their emotional and economic losses. For various reasons, including the immediate financial need to cover expenses from a TBI, not knowing the actual value of one’s personal injury case, and being unsure of the best way to deal with insurance companies, traumatic brain injury victims often settle their cases for minimum compensation.

    The Sacramento TBI attorneys at Cutter Law work hard to ensure this does not happen to you. We will help determine the value of your case and fight for fair compensation. Contact the Sacramento office of Cutter Law today to discuss your case.

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    Testimonials from Brain Injury Victims in Sacramento

    Sacramento brain injury victims are encouraged to review testimonials when selecting a personal injury lawyer. You should look at the client recommendations of an attorney before selecting anyone. Cutter Law’s injured clients have repeatedly been pleased with their attorney-client relationship and case results.

    One client who suffered from a severe car accident greatly needed legal representation. This client visited our practice and found immense support and guidance. Sara reports that her brain injury lawyer Brooks Cutter was highly communicative, answered all of her questions, and had her best interests at heart as he did everything he could during the litigation of her case.

    Another one of our clients, Michael, appreciated the outstanding efforts of our local brain injury lawyer, Margot Cutter. Michael remarks, “I have benefited from her kind support and sound counsel regarding a traumatic injury I sustained.” Margot’s vast experience and training enables her to develop great relationships with her clients and help them win their case.

    Types of Brain Injury Cases We Handle in Sacramento

    Cutter Law has many years of experience handling brain injury cases in Sacramento. These case types include:

    • Slip and fall cases. This occurs when an individual loses balance due to some faulty or poorly maintained surface.
    • Concussion cases. A concussion may occur from many causes, such as an assault or car crash.
    • Whiplash cases. This often occurs when a car or other vehicle accident victim bangs their head due to high-force impact.

    Common Brain Injury Symptoms

    While medical professionals should determine a traumatic brain injury for thorough medical evidence, there are common symptoms of a brain injury you can look for as well. The Cutter Law staff has recognized the following symptoms and related injuries in their clients:

    • Concussions. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a concussion is a traumatic brain injury resulting from the head or body being struck or jolted by something else. A concussion causes the brain to move within the skull, striking its sides. Symptoms of a concussion include visible signs of a chemical change in the subject, such as delayed responses, memory loss, headache, disorientation, and loss of consciousness.
    • Contusions. A contusion is an internal brute to the brain and its surrounding tissues. A contusion is considered to be a form of a hematoma. It occurs when blood accumulates outside of a blood vessel due to that area suffering from trauma or impact. Symptoms of a contusion include tenderness and/or pain in the area, swelling of the area, and an inability to use the area ordinarily.
    • Penetration of the skull or brain. This type of brain injury is especially traumatic to the victim due to the risk of bleeding out if deep enough. Injuries of this sort occur when an object strikes the brain or skull with a significant force. Common causes of an open head injury include gunshots, stab wounds, repeated abuse to the area, car accidents, and falling objects. Symptoms include bleeding from the head or ears, challenges breathing, feelings of numbness in the limbs, seizures, and loss of bodily functions.
    • Diffuse Axonal. Hopkins Medicines defines a diffuse axonal as the tearing or ripping of the brain’s connecting nerve fibers. “Axonal” comes from axons, which is the medical term for these nerve fibers. This type of traumatic brain injury results from the dramatic shifting and rotation of the brain within the skull due to impact. Symptoms of a diffuse axonal include headache, dizziness, feelings of nausea, vomiting, or entering a vegetative state of being.
    • Coup-Contrecoup. According to the National Institute of Health, a coup-contrecoup results from the force of a moving object making contact with a stationary head. This is a serious brain injury and differs from a contrecoup. A contrecoup occurs when the head is in motion while it strikes a non-moving object. Symptoms of a coup-contrecoup include loss of consciousness or memory, sensitivity to light or loud noises, difficulty speaking, entering into a comatose state, headache, and confusion about one’s surroundings.

    The brain injury attorneys at Cutter Law can assist you in finding a doctor for a proper diagnosis of your symptoms and physical disability. We will use your medical records in our approach to increase the chances of recovering fair compensation for your case.

    $ 1.895 Million

    Attorneys Todd Walburg and Celine Cutter represented a cyclist in Sonoma County, California who suffered a broken jaw and a mild traumatic brain injury after she rode her bike through a large pothole. 

    $1 Million

    Our attorneys obtained a $1 million dollar settlement on behalf of a client who sustained burn injuries to her abdomen and leg in an accident. 


    Attorney John R. Parker defended the rights of a motorcyclist who was seriously injured when a car failed to yield the right of way. A San Francisco jury awarded the motorcyclist $596,000.


    Attorney John Roussas obtained a $678,000 verdict on behalf of a pedestrian whose knee and pelvis was injured as a result of being hit by a vehicle.

    Recovery Resources in Sacramento for Brain Injuries

    The Head Trauma Support Project of Sacramento is an excellent first resource to reach out to as a traumatic brain injury victim. Operating for nearly forty years, this organization extends a helping hand to victims, friends, and family members in caring for a TBI.

    Often, a victim of a serious brain injury has some changes in his or her lifestyle, which requires adjustment. This includes but is not limited to the need for caretakers, emotional support groups to handle the mental effects of traumatic brain injuries, physical therapy, years of medical treatment, occupational therapy, and skill acquisition or education. The Head Trauma Support Project hosts groups such as kids or siblings, caregivers and families, and “Making the Best of It,” which is geared toward victims with mild symptoms of brain trauma. The program listings and resources are currently being offered on a remote basis due to COVID-19.

    Right at Home brain injury recovery assistance is another resource available to Sacramento, California, victims of TBIs. Right at Home offers reasonably priced caretaker assistance programs for patients and assists family members with transition processes for looking after their loved ones. Right at Home happily checks with patient insurance companies to determine eligibility and funding assistance.

    Deloro Caregiver Resource Center is a non-profit organization that offers full funding to qualified patients in need of a family caregiver. Servicing many Northern California counties, including the Sacramento area, Deloro requires that the applicant be at least eighteen years old and have suffered from a cognitive impairing condition such as a traumatic brain injury.

    Why Choose Cutter Law?

    The Sacramento personal injury attorneys at Cutter Law can help you with all of your legal needs no matter the type of accident you were involved in. During your free case evaluation with our law firm, we will discuss the facts of your case, giving you a better understanding of your case value and how we can approach your claim.

    Cutter Law’s lawyers help their clients during a difficult time in their lives by negotiating with insurance companies, finding expert witnesses for an expert medical opinion, and presenting the case in a compelling way to maximize compensation.

    Further, we will consider all circumstances when fighting for you. We will analyze medical expenses incurred, whether punitive damages can be obtained, and how the TBI has impacted your daily life. We have helped many of our clients gain compensation to pay for support with injuries, post-traumatic stress disorder, and mood swings. Fill out the contact form to set up your free case review for legal help now.


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