Trampoline Park Injuries

Trampoline parks have exploded in popularity and as they have, the number of injuries associated with the parks have also increased dramatically.

At least six trampoline park fatalities have been reported in the past seven years, though experts say the number of deaths could be higher. Trampoline injury lawsuits have now been filed, alleging the facilities are unnecessarily dangerous and put users at risk of permanent, life-threatening injuries.

Trampoline Injuries

Trampoline parks are large, indoor facilities in which numerous trampolines are connected and surrounded either by padded walls or trampoline walls.

Among the harm linked to trampoline parks:

At least six people have died after they suffered injuries at a trampoline park, including Ric Swezey, who was a world-class gymnast. Swezey died after he landed from a bounce wrong and hit his head against the wall, cutting off his airway and blood flow.

Issues with Trampoline Parks

Among safety issues highlighted at trampoline parks are a lack of adult supervision, inadequate padding to protect users from head injuries, shallow foam pits, and use of trampolines by people of all sizes, leading to a risk of crush injuries when an adult or a larger youth collides with a child.

Trampoline parks often have lax rules or inadequate supervision, allowing too many jumpers on a trampoline at one time. There may be gaps that are too large between the trampolines, allowing a foot or leg to pop through, or trampolines may be too close to a wall or not high enough above the concrete floor, increasing the risk of a head injury.

Because many trampolines are linked together, it is more difficult for users to control their bounce, resulting in painful or hard landings.

Many trampoline parks force users to sign waivers limiting their ability to file a lawsuit in the case of an accident. If trampoline park owners are grossly negligent or reckless in allowing an accident or injury to occur, the waiver will likely fail and a lawsuit can be filed.

Trampoline Injury Statistics

The Consumer Product Safety Commission says that the number of emergency room visits linked to trampoline parks grew from 2,500 in 2013 to approximately 18,000 in 2017.

A 2016 study in the Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics found that trampoline parks are linked to more serious injuries than home trampolines. Home injuries were less likely to involve head or upper-extremities than trampoline parks, for example.

California Trampoline Parks

An NBC Bay Area investigation found that in only two years, dispatchers in the Bay Area responded to 73 emergency 911 calls regarding trampoline parks. Most of those calls involved children and many concerned serious injuries.

Trampoline Injury Lawsuits

Plaintiffs have filed trampoline park lawsuits alleging they or their loved ones suffered serious injuries as a result of negligence at trampoline facilities.

The lawsuits also allege the parks are defectively designed and unreasonably dangerous for use.

  • One lawsuit was filed in Texas against a Flight Deck Trampoline Park, alleging a four-year-old boy suffered a severe leg injury that will result in ongoing medical care after multiple jumpers were allowed on the same trampoline as him, in violation of the facility’s rules. The boy underwent several surgeries and cannot play sports.
  • A lawsuit was filed in Boston against Sky Zone Boston after a teenage boy broke his tibia and fibula while on the trampoline. He required four surgeries and suffered permanent damage to his leg.

  • A California trampoline park lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles on behalf of a teenager who said he suffered serious injuries when a larger boy fell on him. The lawsuit alleged the boy lost consciousness, suffered a broken tibia and shattered knee, and could not return to school.

  • A teenager who suffered a traumatic brain injury in a trampoline park accident received an $11.5 million award after the jury found the trampoline park grossly negligent. The teen underwent physical and speech therapy following his accident.

Sacramento Trampoline Parks

Among the trampoline parks in Sacramento are

Trampoline Park Injury Lawyers

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Trampoline Park Injuries


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