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Cutter Law’s Sacramento attorneys have years of experience successfully representing our clients, helping them obtain hundreds of millions of dollars following their personal injury.

Our nationally respected Sacramento personal injury attorneys are experienced at investigating complex claims, negotiating high profile settlements, and trying complicated cases in court.

Whether you have been injured in a car crash, harmed by a construction accident, or a victim of medical malpractice, our attorneys are committed to fighting aggressively to achieve the best possible results for you.

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Our attorneys have extensive experience in a wide range of personal injury claims, including motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, birth injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and spinal injuries. We’ll conduct an investigation, interview witnesses and experts, and help establish liability in your claim.

Sacramento Car Accident Lawyer

Car Crash

Driving while distracted is a leading cause of car crashes and car crash-related injuries. The California Office of Traffic Safety reports that 80 percent of motor vehicle crashes involve some form of driver distraction. Sacramento distracted driving includes undertaking non-driving related activities that pull the driver’s focus off the road ahead. These activities include texting, answering cell phones, eating, changing radio stations, grooming, watching videos and reading. 

Truck Crash 

Semi-truck crashes result in severe, often fatal injuries. They devastate victims and their families, thanks to the massive size and weight of a big rig and the speeds they travel at. Sacramento truck crashes can be caused by unsafe driving habits, failing to slow down for traffic ahead, driving while distracted, and driving while under the influence. Additionally, trucking companies may be guilty of negligence if they allow drivers to falsify their log books or push drivers to work more than their hours of service rules allow.

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Motorcycle Crash  

Due to a lack of protection on a motorcycle, motorcycle crashes are more likely to cause serious injury and death than other automobile accidents. Among the injuries commonly linked to a motorcycle crash are brain injuries, head injuries, fractures, spinal injuries, road rash, and disfigurement. Victims of a Sacramento motorcycle crash may suffer permanent injury, requiring long-term medical care, physical therapy and occupational therapy. The quality of life is often decreased, as motorcycle crash victims may not be able to carry out their regular, day-to-day activities.

Bus Crash

Bus safety is in the news frequently, as safety advocates push for increased safety measures on the large vehicles. Passengers on school buses, transit buses, and charter buses are all at risk of catastrophic injuries in the case of an accident, thanks to a lack of adequate safety features. Depending on the type of accident, a bus is more likely to roll over than other vehicles, putting passengers in jeopardy of being ejected from the vehicle and suffering even greater injury.

Sacramento Medical Injuries

Medical Malpractice 

Medical malpractice occurs when a medical professional fails to adhere to accepted standards of practice and a patient suffers harm as a result. Unfortunately for victims, medical malpractice has life-and-death consequences. According to the Journal of the Medical Association, medical errors kill approximately 200,000 Americans each year, with medical negligence the third leading cause of death in the U.S. When medical malpractice occurs, it is vital that those responsible are held accountable and victims obtain justice.

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Birth Injuries 

It only takes a split second for an infant’s birth to turn into a potential tragedy. Birth injuries, including preeclampsia, paralysis, shoulder dystocia, cerebral palsy and other conditions affect a patient for their entire life. Millions of people affected by birth injuries face increased medical costs, decreased quality of life, and diminished capacity to work. These Sacramento birth injuries can happen quickly If an infant is deprived of oxygen for too long, the mother’s blood pressure increases dangerously, or the infant’s nerves are damaged.

Sacramento Personal Injuries

Slip and Fall Injuries 

A Sacramento slip and fall injury can happen anywhere: at a retail store, at a friend’s home or in an office, for example. The people who own or are responsible for maintaining these sites have a duty to keep the hazard-free and ensuring people are safe from suffering an injury due to disrepair or failure to warn of hazards.

Although they may not sound all that dangerous, under the wrong conditions slip and fall incidents cause extreme harm, including traumatic brain injuries, back and neck problems, and severe fractures. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) report that in 2013 falls were responsible for 47 percent of all traumatic brain injury-related events. Victims require days off work, resulting in lost wages, and face medical bills to recover from their injuries.

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Traumatic Brain (TBI) and Spinal Cord Injuries  

A traumatic brain injury is a devastating injury with the potential for lifelong consequences. It occurs when part of the brain collides with the patient’s skull, resulting in brain bruising or bleeding. Victims experience memory issues, difficulty with mental function, and even degenerative brain conditions.

There is a possibility patients may never recover 100 percent from their brain injury, even with extensive medical treatment and rehabilitation. In 2013, according to the CDC, almost 50,000 deaths were linked in some way to a traumatic brain injury

Spinal cord injuries are caused in many ways, including by car crashes, medical malpractice or a defective product. In addition to the potential for full or partial paralysis, victims can develop bladder or bowel dysfunction, cardiovascular disease, or deep vein thrombosis.

Spinal injuries are painful and affect a patient’s quality of life and ability to work. They require intensive medical treatment and rehabilitation.  

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