Cutter Law Obtains $1 Million Settlement for E-Cigarette Client

Since 2007, e-cigarettes have been available for use in the United States. Consumers purchased the products (also known as vapes) thinking they are safer and less toxic than traditional cigarettes, but e-cigarettes come with a unique risk: the battery they use can catch fire and explode. This is a terrible hazard that puts users at risk of severe, traumatic injury and it is one that many consumers are unaware of.

At Cutter Law, we have fought hard to hold companies responsible for their dangerous e-cigarette products and have extensive experience advocating for consumers harmed by these defective devices.

Most recently, our attorneys obtained a $1 million e-cig settlement for a client who suffered permanent scarring and emotional harm when an e-cigarette exploded and caught fire in her pocket.

E-Cigarette Battery Exploded in Plaintiff’s Pocket

On March 27, 2016, the plaintiff, who is a young medical professional, was sitting at her desk at work waiting to see patients. While she waited, the e-cigarette battery in pocket exploded and caught on fire.

She rushed to the water cooler to splash water on herself but could not put the fire out, so she dropped to the ground and rolled repeatedly until the fire was extinguished. In all, it took approximately 20 seconds from the time the e-cig battery exploded to the moment the fire was out.

The plaintiff then called for help and was sent by ambulance to the hospital, where she received treatment for two weeks. She suffered significant scarring and required corrective surgery. Additionally, the e-cig explosion and burn injury caused her incredible mental, physical and emotional pain.

Working with attorneys at Cutter Law, including Matthew Breining, Todd Walburg, and Brooks Cutter, the plaintiff filed a lawsuit against several companies involved in the manufacture and sale of the e-cig devices.

The products liability lawsuit alleged the companies made and sold a defective product that allowed the battery to explode and that they knew or should have known about the risks but failed to warn consumers. Finally, the lawsuit alleged the defendants’ negligence caused the plaintiff’s injuries.

Through the lawsuit, Cutter Law was able to obtain a $1 million settlement for the harm done to the plaintiff.

E-Cigarette Products Unsafe

In the complaint, the plaintiff argued that her experience with the e-cig explosion was not a unique experience. Rather, many consumers have been harmed by e-cigarette and vape device fires and explosions.

“These products continue to be placed into the stream of commerce despite being untested and unsafe,” the complaint alleges. “E-cigarettes will continue to cause these types of injuries unless and until those placing them in the stream of commerce are held accountable.”

Consumers Must Act Quickly if they Are Harmed by E-Cigarettes

Attorney Matthew Breining notes that each e-cigarette lawsuit has its own unique facts, which must be examined independently from other lawsuits to determine who is responsible for the harm done. This is just one reason why it is vital to speak with an experienced e-cigarette attorney as soon as possible after an injury.

Furthermore, the statute of limitations typically begins to run as soon as the injury occurs and once that time period runs out, the consumer cannot bring a claim forward no matter how much harm was done.

“E-cigarette companies need to realize the significant harm their products can cause and act accordingly,” Breining says.

E-Cigarette Attorneys

The highly skilled and knowledgeable attorneys at Cutter Law have the in-depth experience you need to represent you in a claim against e-cigarette companies. Our attorneys have managed numerous lawsuits across the US against businesses involved in making and marketing e-cigarette devices.

Attorney Todd Walburg has been co-chair of multiple attorneys’ groups focused on e-cigarette litigation and has given presentations to other attorneys on the dangers associated with e-cigarettes.

We know how painful the time following an e-cigarette injury is. We are here to help you through this time and fight to get you the compensation you deserve for the harm done to you. Contact us today to discuss your e-cigarette claim.

Cutter Law Obtains $1 Million Settlement for E-Cigarette Client



I would like to express my gratitude for the way you and your firm handled my lawsuit. At all times, I felt my interest was held in a very professional way. I was very satisfied with the settlement that was awarded to me. If the need ever arises, I would most assuredly recommend your firm to anyone.

Jerry S.

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