Biomet Hip Replacement

The Biomet M2A metal-on-metal hip replacement device has come under scrutiny following reports of numerous adverse side effects the past several years. Its modular device has many options, including the M2A-Magnum and its predecessor, the M2A-38.

While the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not issued a recall for the Biomet hip device, many patients are filing lawsuits after experiencing complications such as metallosis (metal poisoning), hip pain, fretting, corrosion and premature loosening of the hip implant.

The Biomet M2A-Magnum and M2A-38 devices include chromium and cobalt in their composition. Much like the recalled DePuy ASR, both the head and the acetabular cup (ball and socket components) in the Biomet are metal.

Additionally, the ball (also referred to as the head) for both the M2A-Magnum and M2A-38 are relatively larger than other models. Central to the Biomet litigation is the allegation that this relatively larger head size can lead to increased friction produced by the head and cup components. When these two components rub against each other, small metal pieces can be released into surrounding tissue and the bloodstream.

Metallosis, also known as metal poisoning, can develop when the circulating metal debris builds up to toxic levels in the bloodstream. While the full extent of the conditions that can be caused by metallosis are still not entirely known, case studies have identified vertigo, optic nerve damage, blindness, deafness and peripheral neuropathy as potentially associated complications.

Biomet Settlement

On Feb. 3, 2014, Biomet reached a $56 million settlement agreement over faulty hip replacements. It will be implementing a voluntary settlement program with respect to the hundreds of Biomet cases that are now pending in the Federal District Court in South Bend, Indiana. Under the settlement program, the presumptive offer for each revised hip will be $200,000.

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