Distracted Drowsy Driving

The Perils Of Distracted And Drowsy Driving

A recent study by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute concluded that 70 percent of motor vehicle accidents involved distracted driving in some way. This figure is a much higher incidence than previously suspected. Distracted driving includes any activity that pulls a driver’s attention away from the road:

  • Auto infotainment: radios, MP3 players, DVD players and game systems
  • Personal grooming: brushing hair, applying makeup, shaving
  • Food and beverages: spilled drinks causing driver distraction
  • Arguments, animated conversations and child discipline
  • Pets and unbelted children hopping from seat to seat
  • And the worst offenders, texting and cellphone use (authorities suggest that your attention level while on the phone is the equivalent of having downed four alcoholic drinks)

All this would be amusing if these behaviors did not lead directly to catastrophic injuries and death. At Cutter Law P.C., we are attuned to the role distracted driving plays in injuring people. California law does not permit us to pursue punitive damages in distracted driving cases. But in egregious cases, where the offending driver showed extreme recklessness or callous disregard for the safety of others on the road, we will seek punitive compensation.

Drowsy driving is a separate matter and one that plays a key role in many truck collisions. But these days, many people on the road are sleep-deprived. Drivers who need to rest should pull over and give the rest of us a break.

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