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At Cutter Law P.C., our car accident lawyers are well aware of the devastating consequences a car crash can have. The effects of an automobile accident can tremendously impact your mental and emotional wellbeing.

Your quality of life is significantly affected and you may not be able to work, putting you and your family in financial jeopardy. In addition to dealing with the mental and physical trauma, you need financial resources to help you recover from your catastrophic injuries. 

The insurance company will take advantage of your vulnerability during this time, trying to coerce you into settling for far less than you need or deserve.

Their focus is on getting you to accept the lowest amount possible so they can protect their profits. The time following a car accident is stressful and traumatic, and you may feel a great deal of pressure to get back to work quickly or agree to the insurance company’s terms. 

If your loved one has died in an automobile accident, this time is filled with grief and you may not feel you want to deal with an insurance company or car accident lawsuit. 

We can help you during this difficult time. The car accident attorneys at Cutter Law are passionate about ensuring your rights are protected following an automobile accident.

Our team will give you and your family personalized attention, so we develop a thorough understanding of how the car accident has affected you and your loved ones.

Our attorneys fight tirelessly for you, making sure you receive the maximum amount you are entitled to following your devastating motor vehicle accident.

We will guide you through the process and ensure you fully understand all your rights and your options, so you can make the decisions that are in your best interests, not the insurance companies. 

If you have any questions about your car accident or would like to schedule a free case consultation, contact a car accident attorney.  

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Car crashed into the side of another car

Can I receive compensation for my car accident?

Every vehicle collision is different and the circumstances that affect your particular MVA must be examined to determine how much compensation is due.

Ultimately, whether you are eligible for financial compensation from your motor vehicle accident rests on two factors:

  • That the accident was caused either completely or partially by another party’s negligence

  • That the accident caused your injuries

Although those factors sound simple, insurance companies will do what they can to prove that you were responsible for your accident or that the crash itself did not cause your injuries.

An insurance company may try to show that your injuries were pre-existing or are not as substantial as you claim. They may use your own words against you or force you to see one of their medical professionals who will downplay the nature of your injuries. 

Let Cutter Law deal with the insurance companies

That’s why you need a law firm experienced in car crash litigation. The attorneys at Cutter Law are aware of the insurance company’s unethical tactics used to minimize your claim. We review your situation and develop a strong case to maximize your claim.

We won’t let the insurance company get away with giving you the lowest amount possible. We will ensure you are prepared to deal with the insurance companies and, where possible, will deal with insurance companies ourselves so you don’t have to. 

Protect your rights, Call Cutter Law 

Many of our clients come to us after attempting to negotiate claims on their own. Nearly all of them are surprised at the tactics employed by insurance companies to get them to settle.

These tactics can include harassment, pressuring you to accept an offer, not returning calls and discounting injuries by claiming that the accident doesn’t warrant either side seeking medical attention.

No one wants to deal with this, especially when they’re hurt. Contacting an attorney immediately after the accident will allow you to simply focus on getting better and fixing or replacing your car.


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California car accident statute of limitations – Contact an Accident Attorney

The California Code of Civil Procedure section 3351 sets out a two-year statute of limitations for personal injury auto accident claims.

This means that you have two years from the date of your car accident to file a lawsuit. If you wait longer than that time, you will likely be barred from filing your claim. 

It is in your best interest to speak with a knowledgeable auto collision attorney as soon as possible after your car crash.

A skilled accident attorney who is experienced at managing motor vehicle claims will begin building your case immediately, including speaking to witnesses, hiring medical experts and negotiating with the insurance company. 

If the insurance company does not come through with a reasonable settlement offer for your motor vehicle accident, it’s vital that you have a thorough claim ready to go forward.

The sooner a personal injury attorney can begin working on your file and investigating your car crash, the stronger your case will be.  

The statute of limitations for public entities

If you are involved in an accident with a public entity, the statute of limitations is only six months from the date of the accident.

Public entities–also referred to as government agencies–include the state government, local government, Caltrans, public schools, public hospitals, government employees and other people, organizations or departments of the government.

The regulations surrounding filing a lawsuit against a public entity are complex and require you to file an administrative claim. If you fail to do so, you may be barred from later filing a lawsuit against the government agency involved in your car accident.

That’s why it is vital that you work with an experienced accident attorney who can manage your claim and ensure all required paperwork is filed and deadlines are met. 

What are important car accident laws to know in California?

California traffic accident laws are not always straightforward. California follows rules of comparative fault. This means that you can receive compensation for your accident even if you were partially to blame.

The amount you are entitled to recover, however, is reduced by the percentage of fault you carry. If you are entitled to $100,000 and you are 5 percent at fault, your recovery will be reduced by five percent. 

There are different rules if you are filing a claim against the government.

If you are involved in a collision with a person who is on-duty for the government or driving a government automobile, you may need to file a claim against the government. Such circumstances have only a six-month statute of limitations. 

Up to 15 percent of California drivers have no insurance, meaning there is a good chance the person driving the other vehicle either has no insurance or has insufficient insurance to cover your medical costs. 

The attorneys at Cutter Law can explain how the various laws affect your claim and what your best options are moving forward. Contact us to find out how we can put our skills and resources to work for you. 

California car accident statistics

The number of serious injuries and deaths from car accidents in California remains extremely high. According to the California Office of Traffic Safety, in 2016 there were 3,623 traffic fatalities. 

Additional car accident statistics for 2016:

  • 2,059 fatalities were linked to alcohol-impaired driving
  • 15% of all drivers killed in motor vehicle accidents who were tested, tested positive for drugs
  • 586 fatalities involved unrestrained passenger vehicle occupants
  • 548 people were killed in motorcycle accidents
  • 867 pedestrians died in motor vehicle accidents
  • 147 people on bicycles died

Dash Cam FAQs 

Here is some important FAQ information you should have about dash cams, car accidents and driving in California.

Common causes of car accidents in California

Here are some common causes of automobile collisions

  • Vehicle malfunction or defect
  • Distracted driving
  • Driver negligence
  • Bad weather
  • Drunk driving or driving under the influence (MADD stats)
  • Dangerous conditions or other hazards on the road
  • Failure to comply with traffic laws
  • Reckless driving or speeding
  • Driver fatigue

Beyond auto vs. auto accidents, our firm also represents clients who have been seriously injured in automobile accidents involving, busses, pedestrians, bicycles, motorcycles and big rig trucks.


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Types of Automobile Collisions

Common types of car crashes:

  • Rear-end collision
  • Head-on collision
  • Side impact (side swipe, t-bone) collision
  • Hit-and-run accident
  • Rollover accident
  • Single vehicle accident (which may be caused by another vehicle without a collision occurring, such as swerving to avoid contact with another car and rolling over)

Common injuries caused by motor vehicle crashes

Injuries caused by car crashes can be catastrophic. Even those that are not life-threatening can be permanent and have a significant effect on your day-to-day activities. They may prevent you from working and diminish your quality of life.

Car accidents can severely affect your finances as you pay for treatment and recovery costs even while you are able to work less, if at all. You may also deal with emotional or psychological trauma caused by your collision. 

Some common consequences of automobile collisions:

At Cutter Law, we understand how devastating and overwhelming the harm caused by a car accident can be to you and your family. We are here to help you during this time so you can focus on recovery.

If you cannot get to our offices, our attorneys will meet with you at a location that is convenient and accessible to you.

Injuries caused by vehicle defects

If you are harmed in a car accident, you may suffer injuries caused by the design of your own vehicle, or by defects in your vehicle. Some passenger vehicle occupants suffer severe injuries if their airbag malfunctions. Their vehicle may roll over if its center of gravity is too high or if there is a tire defect.

Car crashes have also been caused by faulty brakes and other automobile systems or components that have not worked as intended. 

That’s why you need an attorney who can investigate all the possible factors that may have led to your crash and hold the responsible parties accountable for their actions or negligence. 

After Car Accident FAQ

What should I do after a car accident?

The time following a car accident can be overwhelming and chaotic. If you have suffered any type of brain injury, even seemingly minor, you might have difficulty making decisions and sorting through the people who may contact you with settlement offers or to get statements from you.

Even answering questions may feel like a challenge. Not all of the people attempting to speak with you will respect your rights, and some may behave unethically. 

Working with an experienced car accident lawyer will help you navigate this stressful time. Your lawyer can communicate with all other parties, so you don’t have to. They will also ensure your rights are respected and make sure no one takes advantage of you for the sake of saving money. 

Here’s what else you need to know following a car accident: 

Stay on the scene – Make sure everyone in your vehicle and any other people involved do not require medical attention. If anyone requires medical attention, call 911 to request an ambulance. 

If you do not require urgent medical attention, here are some steps to take. Do not make any statements of guilt or issue apologies as these can be used against you at a trial. 

In the moments after a car accident

Call the police — Even if there aren’t any serious injuries resulting from the car accident, it is a good idea to call the police. Chances are your insurance company will require a police report, even if it’s just for damage to your vehicle.

(If you need information, here is the Sacramento Police Department’s website and for the Oakland Police Department’s website.)

Call your insurance company — Reporting the incident to your insurance company as soon as possible is important, even if you are completely at fault. Make a note of the time and location the accident occurred.

Take pictures and notes — Pictures of the damage and scene are important. Having proof of the extent of the damage can help you with the insurance claim and serve as evidence if there is a dispute. Notes, like pictures, are important in detailing the car accident and the nature of any injuries. 

Seek medical attention — Not all injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents are immediately obvious. Many people report pain or discomfort after 24 to 48 hours have passed. Unless you are certain that you have not suffered any injuries, seek medical attention from your local emergency room or physician.

Slight accidents can still result in severe and potentially permanent spinal cord injuries. Losing consciousness or becoming confused for even a short time following an accident could suggest a concussion or closed head injury. 

In the days and weeks following the car accident

Be careful whom you talk to — Do not speak with insurance companies representing the other parties involved in your accident. If you have an attorney, they can communicate on your behalf with all insurance companies involved. 

Don’t accept the first settlement offer— Your wellbeing is not the insurance company’s primary concern. Its concern is settling your claim for the least possible amount. Often this process involves making several low offers in an attempt to save money. If you accept their first offer, you will receive a fraction of what you are entitled to and you most likely will not be able to file a lawsuit later if you discover your injuries are more significant than initially believed. 

Keep a file — It is important to keep a file of all of your accident-related documents and information. This should include a claim number, the claims adjuster who is handling the claim, names and phone numbers of all contacts, receipts for a rental car, and any additional expenses you may have incurred related to the accident. Keep a record of any communications you have regarding the accident and medical appointments.


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