Why are some intersections more dangerous than others?

Sacramento is not as big as some cities in the state, but it does rank high when it comes to bicycling accidents. This is cause for concern when you consider that statisticians put the number of individuals biking to work every day in the city at more than 4,000. Hundreds of others ride their bikes to other destinations.

Every day, the risk of a car or truck colliding with a bicyclist or a pedestrian is huge and, according to a recent review of state records, the hazards are at their peak during the business commute times — morning and evening rush hours. In the past 15 years, 38 cyclists have died and some 3,200 have been injured in accidents on Sacramento streets.

Most of these crashes happen at certain intersections. The worst for bicyclists include:

  • Stockton and Fruitridge
  • North B and North 12th
  • W. El Camino and Truxell
  • La Mancha and Mack
  • Folsom and Power Inn

But what’s also notable is that experts know what creates the conditions for the greatest danger. These include:

  • Sites where it’s easy for drivers and cyclists to get confused in navigation
  • Intersections that don’t meet perpendicularly
  • Locations that incorporate bus stops with nearby crosswalks
  • Multi-lane intersections that feed into roads with fewer lanes
  • Intersections where trains, cars, bikes and pedestrians all cross paths
  • Intersections after curves or steep inclines
  • Divided highway intersections without traffic lights

When you bike and a car, truck or any other motor vehicle strikes you, you are at a distinct physical disadvantage. Injury is almost certain. To be sure that he you have every advantage for making a full recovery after such an accident, it’s best to obtain a free consultation with an experienced attorney.

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