Smartwatches and Other Devices, Can Monitor Your Health, and Tell When You’re Getting Sick

Does your technology know that you’re getting sick before you do?

Smartwatches and wearable medical biosensors can possibly detect health issues before people even realize they are experiencing symptoms. Abnormal readings from a smartwatch, for example, can now be used to detect the first signs of becoming ill. The data that these wearable devices collect, could be a bridge between patients and care providers, for early detection and personalized care in Medicine.

New research published from Stanford University looks at wearable devices, and their role in managing people’s health, as well as diagnosing, and analyzing disease. The research conducted spanned two years, and involved volunteers wearing devices that monitored their body functions. This includes heart rate, pulse and skin temperature, blood oxygen levels, and physical activity.

It was found that the sensors used in these wearable devices, can lead to detecting Lyme disease, and the risk for type 2 diabetes.

In addition, wearable devices are likely to play a role in managing health going forward. The data that these devices collect, can be matched with algorithms to either alert people that they might be getting sick, or even confirm that you are sick.

This developing medical technology can lead to patients being better informed about their health. It also opens possibilities for patients in more remote areas, to have better access to personalized care.

When people are more informed about their health, it can lead to more informed decisions, and as a result better treatment and a healthier lifestyle.

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