Frightening Habits Of Distracted Drivers


Most people agree that distracted driving is dangerous. Whenever a driver’s attention is taken away from driving and placed on something else, serious accidents can happen.

Let’s take a look at what specific type of behavior distracted drivers are engaging in behind the wheel:

  • Texting: 59 percent of respondents of a study reported glancing at text messages while driving; 43 percent reported actively responding to or sending text messages while driving
  • Videos: 12 percent of respondents reported that they actively engage in taking videos while driving; 10 percent reported engaging in video chatting while driving; 8 percent reported glancing at videos while driving
  • Taking photos while driving: 17 percent of respondents reported taking photos or selfies while driving
  • App use: 26 percent of respondents reported glancing at Facebook while driving; 14 percent reported looking at Twitter; 13 percent reported looking at Instagram; 10 percent admitted to sending a Snapchat while driving
  • Location of phone: 36 percent of respondents stated storing their phones in the cup holder while driving, easily accessible while driving

Why Are So Many People Distracted Driving?

A study revealed three main reasons people use their phones while driving:

  • Habit: Respondents reported that the primary reason they are using their phones while driving is due to habit.
  • Fear: Respondents also stated that the fear of missing out on something important was a top reason why they used their smartphones while driving.
  • False sense of safety: Many respondents stated that they believed they could safely use their phones while driving.

These statistics were gathered from a 2015 survey by AT&T.

Remember: It can wait. Your text message, your Tweet, your Snapchat, and your phone call can wait. Keep yourself and others safe by eliminating phone use while driving.

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