E-Cigarette Explosions: What Victims Need To Know


The use of electronic cigarettes is growing in popularity, as people seek an alternative to cigarette smoking. Many users consider e-cigarettes a safer alternative to regular cigarettes. But there are hidden dangers in the use of these devices.

Recently, there have been reports of e-cigarettes exploding inside pockets and purses. In one recent case, an e-cigarette exploded in a man’s mouth, ripping a hole in his tongue and knocking out his teeth. These are just a few examples of what can happen when defective e-cigarettes are manufactured and used by consumers.

Why do e-cigarettes explode?

The most common cause of explosions is due to overheating. These devices contain flammable or combustible liquids. When the batteries are overcharged or become overheated in a defective model, they can explode.

Most often, the explosions occur when the devices are charging. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, 80 percent of reported explosions have occurred during charging. But in other cases, the devices have exploded when being stored or used.

The results of an e-cigarette explosion can be catastrophic. An explosion can cause dangerous fires. When an explosion occurs during use, an individual can suffer serious burns and other injuries.

Victims of e-cigarette explosions should be aware of their legal options. The manufacturer can be held responsible when a malfunctioning product causes injuries and other harm.

If you or a family member have been injured due to an exploding e-cigarette, you may be entitled to significant compensation. Call 888-285-3333 to learn more in a free consultation with one of our attorneys.

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