Brooks Cutter Is A Finalist For The Consumer Attorneys Of California Award

brooks cutter

As of a recent announcement from the Consumer Attorneys of California*, Brooks Cutter of Cutter Law P.C. is a finalist for the CAOC Awards this year!

Brooks and his team fought and won a statewide class action trial against State Farm.  The case represented an important victory on behalf of all State Farm property insureds and forced changes by State Farm that will benefit insureds for years to come.

* The Consumer Attorneys of California is a “professional organization that represents the interests of 39 million Californians” (CAOC website).

What Is The Consumer Attorneys Of California Award?

The CAOC gives an award to a “plaintiff’s lawyer who achieved a significant result in a case that assisted consumers or changed consumer law for the better in California” (the CAOC website). Typically, the types of cases that make an attorney eligible for the award include:

  • People killed or injured by defective products (like drugs and pharmaceuticals)
  • Those that suffered age, race, gender, or disability discrimination
  • People who’ve had their civil rights violated
  • Workers injured on the job
  • People who had their lives impacted due to insurance companies act in bad faith
  • Medical malpractice cases
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