Stryker Hip Implant Settlement Hotline 855.445.7592

Stryker hip implant settlement and lawsuit attorneys at Cutter Law P.C. are helping people who have had Stryker Rejuvenate and ABGII hip implant surgery requiring additional surgeries or otherwise causing discomfort. People who want help finding out whether or not they may qualify for the Stryker hip implant settlement should call 855.445.7592 immediately. There is no charge for a case evaluation and are friendly staff people will walk you through the process with patience. A new settlement agreement was announced where people who have had revision surgery before November 3, 2014 may be entitled to up to $300,000 or more depending on their specific situation.


The Stryker hip implant is a defective medical device and we have lot of experience in this area. If you have or had a Stryker Rejuvenate or ABGII hip implant you were likely contacted by the surgeon who performed the surgery. They probably asked you to come back for an examination including an x-ray and a blood test. Depending on how this examination goes they may recommend a second surgery. For people who have had the second surgery before November 3, 2014 a settlement structure has been approved.


Stryker hip implant devices have been deemed to be defective medical devices and that is why a recall was issued by the manufacturer, Stryker. As a result of these devices being defective people have been injured and poisoned. Since these injuries are the fault of the manufacturer people have come forward to seek compensation from Stryker. Many have filed lawsuits and now a settlement agreement has been reached. If you or a loved one has been victimized or you think you may be entitled to compensation as a result of the Stryker hip implant settlement agreement please call the new No Cost Information Hotline established specifically for Stryker hip implant recall patients and the new settlement.

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