Uber USA Reports over 3,000 Sexual Assaults in 2018

Uber released its first safety report in early December 2019 and noted that it had reports of 3,045 sexual assaults, nine murders and 58 crashes in its US rides in 2018.

The report includes both passengers and drivers as victims and does not involve data from other countries.

Although 3,045 sexual assaults are a fraction of the overall number of rides Uber provides in the US, it is likely that the actual number of sexual assaults is much higher, as many sexual assaults are never reported. 

Cutter Law is a co-counsel in sexual assault lawsuits involving Lyft drivers. Our attorneys have seen firsthand the devastating consequences of an Uber or Lyft sexual assault.

Passengers rely on ride-sharing companies to ensure their drivers are safe and dependable, and to take action when they find out their drivers have a criminal record.

All too often, companies like Uber and Lyft get away with running inadequate background checks and putting their riders at risk of sexual assault or other harm. 

Ride-Sharing Companies Market their Services as Safe

Passengers trust that ride-sharing companies have done thorough background checks to ensure their drivers are honest and safe.

In practice, Uber and Lyft have both had inadequate background checks that allowed drivers with criminal histories to offer rides in their vehicles

Lyft has so far not released a safety report but a company spokesperson told The New York Times that it is committed to doing so. 

“All of those steps are starters because these ride-hailing companies have been abjectly failing in their duty to protect against predators or criminals,” said Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal.

He noted the companies should conduct fingerprint background checks of their drivers.

Lyft Sexual Assault Lawsuits Filed

Lyft currently faces lawsuits filed by dozens of women who allege they were victims of sexual assault during a Lyft trip. Those lawsuits allege the ridesharing company did not protect women even though it knew about reports of sexual assaults perpetrated by its drivers as early as 2015. 

Lawmakers are also calling on rideshare companies to establish formal policies and reporting structures for sexual assaults.

Democratic Representative Peter DeFazio introduced legislation to track and prevent incidents in various transportation modes, including ridesharing.

That legislation was approved by the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and is now being considered by the US House. 

“As a country, we must ensure safety is a priority, and make it clear that sexual assault and harassment will not be tolerated anywhere, no matter where it occurs,” DeFazio said.

Attorneys Holding Uber and Lyft Accountable

Companies like Uber and Lyft market their services as safe, especially for people who have been drinking and need to get home safely. Too many victims already know that an Uber or Lyft ride is not necessarily as safe as advertised.

This is because these companies put profits ahead of passenger safety. They encourage women to be alone in a vehicle with a stranger by claiming they have already fully vetted the driver as being safe.

Women trust that the company has done its due diligence by allowing a driver to offer them a ride home. 

If you are the victim of an Uber or Lyft sexual assault, we encourage you to speak with one of our compassionate and experienced sexual assault attorneys today.

Our firm is co-counsel on lawsuits representing dozens of women who have been harmed by Lyft drivers. Your no-obligation consultation will be kept in the strictest confidence and our attorneys will advise you of your rights and your options. 

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