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The truck accident lawyers at Cutter Law understand how devastating big-rig accidents can be. Trucking accidents involving semi trucks often result in severe injuries, including brain and spinal cord injuries and fatalities, regardless of whether the other vehicle involved was a passenger car, an SUV, a truck or even another semi truck.

The sheer size of a semi truck, driver recklessness, high speeds, and trucking company negligence are a recipe for serious harm.

Our personal injury attorneys serving Sacramento and Oakland are adept at handling truck and auto accident cases and will secure the police or California Highway Patrol reports, review all evidence and seek out witnesses and expert testimony where necessary to establish liability in your case.

Injuries require aggressive representation and investigation by knowledgeable truck accident attorneys to guarantee that you receive full justice under the law and money for medical care expenses, physical pain and emotional suffering, loss of earnings and wages, and, if necessary, funeral and burial expenses, as well as future earnings and benefits of a loved one if a wrongful death claim is filed.

Causes Of Trucking Accidents

An assortment of factors can all contribute to the cause of an accident involving a big rig, and any driver can be at fault.

Big Rig Accidents Caused By Passenger Vehicle Drivers

    • Maneuvering to the right of a truck as it’s making a right turn
    • Abruptly changing lanes in front of a truck
    • Driving in “no zone” areas beside or behind a commercial truck, where the commercial driver has limited or zero visibility
    • Improperly merging into traffic, causing a truck to swerve or brake quickly
    • Failing to slow down or speed up when a truck begins to merge or change lanes
    • Pulling into traffic from the side of the road without accelerating sufficiently
    • Unsafe passing, especially with insufficient headway
    • Driving between large trucks
    • Distracted driving — talking or texting on a cellphone, eating, reading, putting on makeup, etc.
  • DUI/DWI — Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Big Rig Accidents Caused By Truck Drivers

    • Unsafe driving practices, including changing lanes abruptly, misjudging the distance of nearby vehicles, speeding and merging too quickly or slowly
    • Logbook falsification and systems where their compensation is based on how many miles they log in. Commercial drivers are required to get a certain amount of sleep and breaks during a shift. Under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), they are to log all of their daily work activities, including miles traveled, breaks, etc. However, since drivers are paid by how many miles they log, there is not always a full guarantee that they have properly logged their information.
    • DUI/DUI — For truckers, the legal blood alcohol concentration level is half the legal limit for passenger car drivers (.04 percent).
  • Distracted driving — talking or texting on a cellphone, reading, eating, etc.

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Trucking Accident Lawyers




Since I had never had a serious car accident, I was really intimidated at first on what the process was. So, I was asked what would be fair for my injuries — I felt comfortable with the lawyers; that they were looking out for my best interest.

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