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Residents of Sacramento know all too well that even a task as simple as crossing the street can be stressful because of the threat that cars pose to pedestrians. Our Sacramento personal injury lawyers are here to help if you have been hurt in a pedestrian accident. 

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    Pedestrian Accidents in Sacramento

    The city of Sacramento sees more than its fair share of car accidents. In California’s capital city, people are often on the move, focused on important business that requires their attention. 

    In all the hustle and bustle, there’s plenty of bumping into one another. Unfortunately, some of these accidents are much more serious than others. Pedestrian accidents are some of the most dangerous and potentially fatal accidents in Sacramento. 

    Since 2006, the local government has attempted to make Sacramento a much more walkable city, adding new sidewalks and paths while updating or replacing older ones. This project was dubbed “The Pedestrian Master Plan” and aimed to increase the number of pedestrians who are out and about on a daily basis.

    As the number of pedestrians in Sacramento rises, it must be the priority of both drivers and pedestrians to ensure that the number of pedestrian accidents is as low as possible. 

    Pedestrian accidents, however, are common in the city. A search for “Sacramento pedestrian accidents” reveals numerous recent incidents. For example, a Sacramento pedestrian was struck and killed at around 4:45 a.m. on May 23, 2022. Five days later, another pedestrian was struck in West Sacramento, later succumbing to their injuries.

    What can a pedestrian accident attorney do?

    Pedestrian accidents can take an enormous financial and emotional toll on those affected by them. Their vulnerable position means that pedestrians who are struck by vehicles are at a much greater risk of fatality than those struck while inside vehicles. 

    If you are a pedestrian who has been struck by a vehicle, you may be left feeling helpless. But as a victim or the family member of a victim of a pedestrian accident, you may be entitled to financial compensation. 

    For those wishing to pursue compensation following an accident, a personal injury attorney should be their first call. Personal injury attorneys are licensed lawyers who specialize in the field of personal injury. 

    There are several specializations under which a personal injury attorney might be categorized. For example, Sacramento residents who have been injured in pedestrian accidents should call a Sacramento pedestrian accident lawyer. 

    Personal injury lawyers can help victims of pedestrian accidents navigate the complicated world of personal injury claims and will assist you in building the strongest case possible.

    Sacramento Pedestrian

    Statute of Limitations

    Those who have been injured in pedestrian accidents, or the families of those who have been injured in pedestrian accidents, may be wondering how long they have to file a claim. For every state in the U.S., there’s an expressly written statute of limitations for all kinds of crimes and accidents. 

    Pedestrian accidents are considered personal injuries under California state law, and the statute of limitations for personal injuries in California is two years. This means that victims or their families have two years from the date of the accident to file a claim for compensation.

    Types of Avalable Compensation

    To understand what compensation you’re potentially entitled to as the victim of a pedestrian accident, you must first understand what damages you could potentially receive compensation for. 

    Victims of pedestrian accidents can file for compensation for damages such as:

    • Medical bills, present, and future
    • Lost wages, present, and future
    • Disability, paralysis, or another long-term condition
    • Emotional injuries
    • Disfigurement
    • Loss of life
    • Funeral and burial expenses

    The costs of these damages will likely be determined by an insurance company or court of law, and they represent potentially enormous payouts. Because the cost associated with pedestrian accidents is so high, it’s only fair that the compensation is equitable.

    Liablity for Your Pedestrian Accident

    Drivers have a responsibility to obey traffic laws and to be aware of the safety of other motorists and pedestrians. Those who are derelict in this duty can do irreparable harm to themselves and those around them.

    While pedestrians do have a duty to be aware of their surroundings and make themselves as visible as possible, unfortunately, many get struck by careless or distracted drivers anyway. Any driver who ignores traffic laws or demonstrates severe carelessness in operating their vehicle could be found negligent in the eyes of the law.

    In order to receive compensation when making a pedestrian accident claim, you must prove that the driver at fault was negligent in their operation of the car and that the damages you sustained were a result of that negligence. The parties who could be found liable in such cases include: 

    • The driver
    • The driver’s insurance company
    • Companies that contract drivers 
    • Automobile or parts manufacturers

    It’s also possible that more than one of these parties could be held liable. The right attorney will help you determine from whom you can seek damages.

    What should I do right after being hit by a car?

    The aftermath of a pedestrian accident can be disorienting, to say the least. As a victim, you have many things running through your mind. 

    The first thing you should do following an accident is to contact emergency services or have someone else do it if you’re not able. Calling emergency services will provide anyone in need of medical assistance with the quickest care possible.

    Contacting emergency services also brings the accident to the attention of other relevant authorities. The police may arrive and establish a crime scene, beginning an investigation that could strengthen your case. 

    If you’re in stable condition and safely away from other traffic or hazards, you should try to start gathering evidence. Write down the names, plate numbers, and vehicles of everyone involved. It might also be a good idea to ask around to see if there were any witnesses, as witness testimony can be crucial in personal injury claims.

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    Medical malpractice jury verdict on behalf of a young woman who suffered a spinal cord injury after doctors failed to diagnose a tumor on her spine.

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    Attorneys Todd Walburg and Celine Cutter represented a cyclist in Sonoma County, California who suffered a broken jaw and a mild traumatic brain injury after she rode her bike through a large pothole. 

    When to Contact a Lawyer

    Once the safety of everyone involved in the accident has been established, and the authorities have been notified of the accident, it is important that you call a lawyer right away. 

    Insurance companies or the driver of the vehicle may try to coerce you into giving a statement that frees them of responsibility. In this kind of situation, you should never talk to anyone without a lawyer. 

    A Sacramento pedestrian accident lawyer will not only have expertise in personal injury claims in general, but they may also be familiar with precedents set by similar cases in your area.

    Contacting a lawyer before speaking to anyone will guarantee you the best odds of putting together a successful case without putting yourself at risk of losing your settlement simply because you made a remark to an insurance adjuster at the scene. 

    Additionally, the earlier that lawyers are involved in cases such as these, the more prepared they will be for your case. Having a skilled legal team from the earliest moment possible will help you avoid making any mistakes as you pursue your claim.

    Understanding the Cost of a Lawyer

    Some people may be intimidated by the costs associated with hiring an attorney. However, you should remember that it is nearly impossible to win a settlement without an attorney. 

    Many insurance companies will offer quick payouts to victims who have been hurt in accidents, but these payouts are generally much smaller than what the injured parties deserve. 

    The right lawyer may seem expensive, but they can help you build the strongest case possible and ensure that insurance companies are not taking advantage of you.

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    What makes Cutter Law the best choice?

    At Cutter Law, our team of attorneys has the experience and knowledge to help you build the strongest case possible. Our firm is based in Sacramento, and we are dedicated to serving clients throughout the area. 

    Our specialization in personal injury and pedestrian accidents will give your personal injury claim a much higher chance of success. For example, our injury lawyer, John Roussas, obtained a $678,000 verdict on behalf of a pedestrian who was injured after being hit by a vehicle.

    Contact Cutter Law

    Our firm of dedicated professionals will work tirelessly on your behalf and will help you navigate the overwhelming world of personal injury claims with your own Sacramento pedestrian accident lawyer. 

    If you or someone you know in the Sacramento area is the victim or a family member of the victim of a pedestrian accident, call Cutter Law today. Don’t let the statute of limitations run out before you receive every last cent that you deserve. 

    Get in touch with our lawyers today and set up your free consultation.


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