Will you be able to recover what you lost in the wildfires?


The Sonoma and Napa fires were devastating on so many levels for hundreds of thousands of people. As fires continue to rage in Southern California, residents living north of the Bay Area having been trying to pick up the pieces of their lives left in the wake of the destructive and deadly wildfires.

Recovering from your insurance company

While no amount of money can ever replace what you have lost, your homeowners’ insurance policy should provide compensation for rebuilding and the replacement of your personal belongings. Unfortunately, some insurance carriers will not make the process easy for you.

Is your insurance carrier claiming that you are underinsured (meaning that it will cost you more to replace your home than your policy covers?) Were you told that money is coming, but now you can’t get the company to return your calls? Are some of your neighbors getting payments already but you are still waiting?

If you are in a financial bind, you may be anxious to get whatever amount of money you can right away. Many insurance companies will try to get their policyholders to settle for much less than they are owed. Don’t give in too soon. Get all of the compensation you are due.

Is someone to blame for the fires?

Don’t be misguided by those who frown on contacting a lawyer to help assign blame for your losses. If PG&E is to blame — as some claim — the power company should be held responsible. PG&E has been found to be at fault for past fires, and hundreds of residents have recently filed complaints about poorly maintained power lines.

Cal Fire and the California Public Utilities Commission are investigating the causes of the 30 wildfires in the area, a process that may last for years. Don’t miss out on getting the full amount of compensation you deserve from your homeowner insurance company and those responsible for your losses.

For additional information, please visit our California wildfire website.

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