Permanent Hair Loss Reported After Taking Taxotere: Were You Affected?


A cancer diagnosis is devastating, but more people are surviving it than ever before. Cancer treatments are getting more advanced and effective, and many survivors are able to return to their normal lives after their treatments are done.

For other survivors, the very treatments that helped them fight cancer have caused side effects that can affect their quality of life going forward. Case in point, permanent hair loss caused by a popular chemotherapy drug.

Although temporary hair loss is a side effect of chemotherapy, most patients can expect their hair to regrow. Unfortunately, as many people who have taken Taxotere have discovered, this drug can cause permanent hair loss and baldness. If you are suffering from permanent hair loss after taking Taxotere, our dangerous drugs lawyers may be able to help you get the compensation you deserve.

What Is Taxotere?

Taxotere is a chemotherapy drug that is commonly used by cancer patients. It was approved by the FDA in 1996, primarily to treat breast cancer – but it is now used to treat cancer of the neck, head, prostate, lung, and gastric system.

Many patients prefer Taxotere to other chemo drugs because it only has to be administered once every three weeks. Many other chemo drugs are administered weekly.

But many patients who have taken Taxotere were not informed of the side effects. A study by the National Cancer Research Institute showed that 15.8 percent of respondents who had taken Taxotere suffered permanent hair loss.

Unfortunately, Sanofi (the drug manufacturer) did not warn doctors or patients in the United States about the possibility of permanent hair loss. Sanofi warned of permanent hair loss on their label in France, but excluded it from their label in the U.S. Had patients been warned, they may have chosen a safer chemo drug that carries a much smaller risk of permanent baldness.

The Devastating Effects Of Permanent Hair Loss

A cancer diagnosis is devastating, and the treatment plan can be lengthy. The whole process can be emotionally and physically exhausting.

Although patients who have had chemo can expect temporary hair loss, permanent hair loss is not a side effect of chemotherapy.

Permanent baldness can be an extremely difficult thing to endure. For cancer survivors, it is a permanent reminder of their cancer journey. Other people may falsely assume that the survivor is still going through cancer treatment. The pain and embarrassment of baldness can greatly affect a cancer survivor’s quality of life.

Legal Options

Although there is currently no known treatment for hair loss caused by Taxotere, victims may be eligible for compensation for their pain and suffering. It is advisable for cancer survivors to discuss their legal options with an attorney.

Free consultation: If you have suffered permanent hair loss after taking the cancer treatment drug Taxotere, learn about your legal options in a free consultation. Call Cutter Law, P.C., at 888-285-3333.

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