Looking back at the 2017 California wildfires


Many Californians would like to forget the 2017 wildfires that devastated the state. But doing so is impossible, because signs of the fire are everywhere.

According to the Washington Post, the 2017 fires burned 1.2 million acres of land. That’s roughly equivalent to the size of Delaware. More than 10,800 structures were destroyed and 46 people died.

Sadly, fires are still burning in Southern California. The Thomas Fire started on December 4 and is not expected to be contained until late January, threatening Ventura and Santa Barbara counties.

And the destruction may not be over in Northern California. The National Significant Wildland Fire Potential Outlook through April of 2018 has predicted “normal significant wildland fire potential” for Northern California. Recent above average temperatures and below average precipitation are cause for concern.

When Insurance Companies Don’t Pay

As if the destruction of the fires wasn’t enough, many property owners are now experiencing issues with their insurance companies.

Many insurance companies are refusing to pay on legitimate claims, claiming that policyholders are underinsured, and pressuring policyholders to accept much less than they are owed.

Some insurance companies are even refusing to renew home insurance policies of longtime customers.

If your insurance company is refusing to pay, offering less than what your claim is worth or unnecessarily delaying your claim, you may have legal options. Talk to an attorney who can help you seek compensation and hold your insurance company accountable.

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