Ultherapy FAQ 

Patients are investigating possible lawsuits against Ulthera, Inc., and Merz Incorporated, alleging the Ultherapy System can result in nerve damage and permanent scarring. The following is a list of frequently asked questions regarding Ultherapy treatment and possible Ultherapy lawsuits. These answers address general questions. If you have questions about your specific circumstances, contact an attorney.

Cutter Law can file a lawsuit against the companies involved in offering the Ultherapy procedure. Our attorneys are available to answer questions about your situation and advise you of your rights. Please contact us for more information about Ultherapy litigation or other lawsuits involving medical devices.

What is Ultherapy treatment?

Ultherapy is marketed as a method of stimulating the patient to produce extra collagen, which helps make skin look firm, through a focused ultrasound. The ultrasound is usually delivered at a depth of either 1.5 millimeters, 3 millimeters, or 4.5 millimeters through 20 short bursts (known as lines).

What does Ultherapy do? 

Ultherapy treatment is marketed as a way to lift skin, treat wrinkles, make skin look firmer, treat signs of aging, and treat wrinkles.

What are the allegations about Ultherapy? 

Plaintiffs who have filed lawsuits against Merz and Ulthera allege that the companies marketed Ultherapy treatment as safe and effective, marketed it for off-label use, and failed to properly warn patients about the risks associated with the procedure.

In addition, the lawsuits allege that when the manufacturers applied for FDA Ultherapy approval, they submitted studies in which patients were given only 50 lines, but once Ultherapy was approved, some patients receive between 300 and 325 lines.

What is off-label use? 

Off-label use refers to a use the FDA has not approved. It is not illegal for doctors to prescribe medications or use procedures off-label, but it is improper for companies to market their products for uses that they are not approved for.

What are some reported Ultherapy side effects?

Among the side effects reportedly linked to Ultherapy damage are:

  • Nerve damage
  • Eye herniation
  • Muscle deterioration
  • Scarring
  • Fat atrophy that can result in sunken facial appearance
  • Vision loss

Am I eligible to file an Ultherapy lawsuit? 

If you have had Ultherapy treatment on your face, neck, chin, or chest, and suffered Ultherapy damage, you may be eligible to file a lawsuit against the manufacturers.

Ultherapy Damage Lawyer 

Cutter Law can file a lawsuit on behalf of patients who allege they suffered Ultherapy damage. Our attorneys are experienced in investigating and litigating claims against medical device manufacturers and are committed to ensuring that those manufacturers keep patients safe from harm and unnecessary risk.

If you or someone you love underwent an Ultherapy procedure and has suffered harm, contact a Cutter Law attorney today for a no-obligation consultation. We can answer questions about your situation, advise you about your rights, and help you determine the best course of action. Contact us for more information.

Ultherapy FAQ 




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