What To Do After A Bus Accident

A Bus accident is always scary. They often involve inordinately severe injuries, loss of property, and sometimes even death. Much of the increased level of danger associated with bus accidents dilutes down to both the sheer size of the vehicles and the nearly complete lack of safety features (like airbags and seat belts). Also, when compared to more conventional automobile accidents, bus accidents introduce several legal complications. In short, bus accidents are challenging both for the survivors and the legal team responsible for their representation in the courtroom.

Due to the complications and additional risk for injury, if you’ve ever survived a bus accident, then you’ve probably found yourself wondering what to do. Well, by following the simple steps we here at Cutter Law P.C. laid out in the following article, you’ll know exactly what to do should you ever find yourself involved in a bus accident. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Bus accident with pole

Seek Immediate Medical Attention Following Any Type Of Bus Accident

Even if you don’t notice an injury following a bus accident, you should still seek immediate medical attention. As we described in our articles on both bicycle and car accidents, sometimes injuries lack symptoms until it’s far too late to seek proper care. So, right after your accident, if you can, get yourself to a hospital or emergency clinic to get a full medical checkup. It just might save your life.

Additionally, getting immediate medical attention may be able to help you in the courtroom. So, again, even if you don’t think you suffered any injuries following your accident, get to a doctor as soon as possible.

Call 911

This isn’t so much the second step as much as it’s more of a caveat to the first. Make sure that you call 911 if you can immediately following your bus accident. Doing so can help save the lives of other passengers who may not have the ability to reach emergency services.

Also, like seeking medical attention, calling 911 following an accident may help you out in the courtroom. So remember, while seeking medical attention, call 911 and report the accident.

Document The Accident (If You Can)

If you can, one of the most helpful things you can do is document the accident in as much detail as you can. Take pictures (if you have a camera on you), take detailed notes regarding what happened leading up, during, and after the accident, and make sure you keep any records you receive after visiting a medical facility. The more information you document, the more evidence our attorneys have to work with, and the more likely the success of your case. So, if you’ve found yourself in a bus accident, then try to document as much as you can.

Contact The Bus Accident Lawyers From Cutter Law P.C.

Once you’ve made sure to seek medical attention, have called 911, and have documented the accident as best you can, the next thing on your post bus accident to-do list should be to contact our attorneys. It’s important that you hold those responsible for your accident accountable, and filing a case can also help you recover some of the financial difficulties associated with bus accident cases.

Each of our bus accident lawyers has the education, experience, and knowledge necessary to handle every aspect of your bus accident case. From filing your case to aggressively representing you in a court of law, our firm has you covered. So, if you’ve been involved in a bus accident, then follow the steps on this guide and contact us for a no-obligation consultation. Our caring lawyers are always standing by to take your case.

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