Study: California drivers among the nation’s angriest

Anger can show up in a lot of places. This includes out on the roads. A study indicates that California roads may see a particularly high number of angry drivers as compared to the rest of the nation.

The study used a review of social media to look into the issue of road rage and angry driving in the United States. Specifically, it looked at Instagram posts that contained the hashtag #RoadRage. The posts analyzed were posted between June 2013 and April 2016.

Among the things the study did from this analysis was to gauge how many such posts per 100,000 drivers each state had. It used this as a measure of driver anger and ranked the states based on this. The study found California to have 3,506 such posts for every 100,000 drivers. This was the second highest level of such posts in the country. Hawaii was the only state with a higher level. It was found to have 5,872 posts for every 100,000 drivers.

How accurate of a gauge of driver aggravation do you think this study is? How common do you think anger is among California drivers?

Why does it matter how angry California drivers are? Well, it could have implications regarding what car accident risks are present in the state. For one, it could be a gauge of how much in aggravating behaviors drivers are encountering on the state’s roads. Sometimes, aggravating behaviors can also be dangerous ones. Also, angry drivers can sometimes create traffic dangers of their own. If an upset driver lets their anger dictate their actions, they could end up engaging in aggressive driving behaviors that could create significant crash risks.

So, among the things that can lead to a person dealing with serious traffic crash injuries, and needing to navigate legal issues related to such injuries, is encountering aggravating or aggressive driving conduct by another driver.

What do you think would go the furthest in reducing driver anger in California?

Source: KITV, “Study finds Hawaii has angriest drivers in US!,” Diane Ako, Oct. 19, 2017


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