Misconceptions about marijuana use and driving common among teens?

With the number of states that have opted to legalize marijuana growing, one thing that could be increasingly impactful out on the roads in the U.S. is what views drivers have on marijuana use and driving.

A recent survey looked at what views teen drivers have on this topic.

One thing the survey results suggest is that many teens have misconceptions about how the law treats driving under marijuana’s influence in states in which marijuana is legal. Around a third of the teens polled in the survey said that they thought this behavior was legal in such states.

It also appears that teens may be underestimating the impacts of driving while under the influence of marijuana can have. According to the survey results, the number of teens who identified such conduct as a dangerous driving behavior was a good deal lower than the number who did so for drunk driving.

What might be contributing to these views among teens? One possibility is misconceptions among their parents. The survey also polled some parents. It found that over a quarter of the surveyed parents thought that, in states where marijuana is legal, driving under the influence of this substance isn’t against the law. It also found that parents weren’t as likely to identify driving while under marijuana’s influence as dangerous driving conduct as they were to identify drunk driving as such.

What views teens have on topics related to driving can be incredibly impactful, as it can influence how they act behind the wheel in their teen years and beyond. So, what parents do to make sure their teen’s views on these topics, and what they are teaching their teen on these topics, is accurate can be of great significance.

When misconceptions or other things lead to a teen making unsafe decisions in relation to driving, people can get greatly hurt. When a person is left coping with serious injuries due to the conduct of a teen driver, among the things they may have questions about is what they can do in regards to pursuing compensation for their injuries. Skilled California personal injury lawyers can provide individuals in the state who have such questions with guidance on this impactful issue.

Source: Insurance Business America, “Thought teens texting was bad for auto accidents?,” Lyle Adriano, Oct. 16, 2017

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